Baseball Match | Sand Storm Scene | Interstellar (2014)

[CHEERING] In my day, we had real ballplayers.
Who are these bums? COOPER: In my day, people were too busy
fighting over food to even play baseball. Popcorn at a ballgame is unnatural.
I want a hot dog. School says you’re gonna follow
in my footsteps. I think that’s great. You think that’s great?
You hate farming, Dad. Grandpa said. COOPER: Grandpa said, huh? Listen, all that matters
is how you feel about it. I like what you do. I like our farm. You’re gonna be great at it. [ALL CHEERING] [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] Let’s get out of here. COOPER: All right, it’s a doozy. All right, gang, let’s mask up. Tom? Murph? Check?
TOM: Yeah.

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