Baseball Media Day 2020 – Anthony Servideo Interview

We talked about it
a little bit already when the practices started up, but making that move from being
second base, then right fielder, now to getting back to home
for you at shortstop, filling in some big shoes,
but I know you’re excited and ready to take on that role. Yeah, definitely filling in
some big shoes with, you know, Grae being gone. But I’m back at home. I feel much more comfortable
at shortstop, and so I’m really excited to see
how it’s going to go this year and be over there. You heard coach talk that
there’s been a lot of noise about the freshman class
and them coming in. But all the returners
who have seen a lot of time, you, Tim Elko, TK,
what does that group talk about as far as setting goals
this year? You know, just playing our game. You know, I mean we’ve been here
for a while, and we’ve been in the spotlight
a little bit and just going out
there play the game, competing for the guy
next to you, and good things
will come your way. Those two freshmen who are now
sophomores in the rotation, and Derek the true freshman,
so it’s a young staff, what have you seen
going up against them when they’re pitching?
They’re absolutely competitors. I hate facing them. You know, that’s when
my numbers go down. But they’re going to pitch well
for us this year, you know. They’re confident. They’ve got the ability
to pitch at this level, and I’m really excited
to see how they pitch. Big weekend with one of
the best teams in the country
coming to town. How does that get your juices
flowing, and how excited are you
with the challenge going to be like facing
the Cardinals this weekend? Yeah, I mean we’re all excited,
a lot of nerves, a lot of different emotions. But I think that’s how it is
with any team that comes in. And, you know, Coach B
preaches to play the game and play it yourself,
you know. We’re not too focused
about who’s coming in and playing against us,
you know. We just got to play our game
and play well.

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