Baseball Media Day 2020 – Derek Diamond Interview

Derek, I just heard coach say
that you kind of took this role by storm,
both in the fall and the spring, and really took ownership
of earning this sport
as the weekend guy. What does it mean to you,
as a true freshman, to come in and have your coaches
and your teammates have that faith in you? It was awesome. I’m honored that the coaches
want me to be in that position and are confident
in me like that. But, really, I’m confident
in myself and this is what
I came here for, and I’m ready to execute
what they want me to. What do you believe
your strengths are as a pitcher that have allowed you
to come in here as a freshman
and enter in that role? I think there’s a lot of things. First of all, just I think
my stamina on the mound. I think I can last. I think my toughness
is pretty good out there. You know, things happen,
but you got to be able to just get back to your own
repertoire and do what you do. You’ve got Louisville
this weekend, and it’s your first weekend
that is against one of the best teams
in the country. But the other storyline
you heard coach talk a bunch about was the freshman class
that you’re a part of. Do you guys talk about
the special things that you guys can achieve if you just put
your head down and work? Yeah, definitely. I think we’re a very
confident group, and it starts with
the older guys like Greer and Tim Elko, our captains. They tell us, you know,
they’ve been through it. Greer’s been through it.
This is his fourth year now, and he talks about
how every season is the same, you know, different players
obviously, but it comes down
to who’s tougher, who wants to win more games,
and who ends up competing more. You also got two guys who are
freshmen starters from the weekend last year.
Right. Doug and Gunnar. What have they taught you
about the role? A ton. You know, I sit right next
to Gunnar in the locker room, so we get to talk
a lot every day. So, the questions I ask him,
it could be anything from, you know,
as broad as how did you feel about starting last year,
to, you know, why do you throw this pitch
this way into this guy. And, you know, Doug and Gunnar
are both really similar, so asking them
those questions, I get really simple answers
and really calm answers, and it’s really easy
to tell what they’re saying, because they’re been there,
and they’re just like me, so it’s easy for them
to articulate what they’re trying
to say to me. And, you know, I’ve learned
a ton from those guys, and I’m really confident
after hanging out with them.

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