Baseball Meggs Family

My family loves the game of baseball they love all the sports For [Lindy] [meg’s] and his entire family playing a sport was a large part of growing up We played soccer basketball football baseball and it was just fun for us as kids to have each other to meet with and again I Just remember going to my brother’s games My sister’s games and obviously going to our dads games too, and it was just it was non-stop, and that’s how I wanted it I was a kid many Fathers Coach their kids in Little league But that was something the senior mags missed when his sons were younger? Still it didn’t stop him from passing his love for the game two sons Joe and Jack he never coached us in Little league, but he was always helping us with baseball or Throwing the football basketball that kind of stuff and all he wasn’t on the field coaching our team I mean he was always growing us Bp And we’re always working on stuff with him and always around when Joe megs decided to play baseball on a collegiate level he wanted to play for his dad and When youngest son Jack came along eww baseball truly became a meg’s family affair? You know it’s it’s really a unique thing but coaching them is a double-edged sword I’ve got some of the greatest moments I could ever imagine in this profession and as a dad in that dugout with my sons And I’ve had some of the most difficult moments there isn’t much in between Today Joe Megs works off [the] field for his dad as director of baseball operations When I got done playing, I still want to be involved in the game and This was kind of the path that I just take and I think it’s something that I want to pursue And I mean I definitely in a good position now to learn from not only my dad, but our other assistant coaches Coming out of high school jack meds had opportunities to go elsewhere But decided he too wanted to play for Dad kind of wanted to go somewhere else when I was younger and you know kind of make my own name and As I got older I saw my brother go through what he did playing here and I’m gonna just saw how much joy those who had new Relationship through from it so much that I didn’t want to miss out on that and miss out on that opportunity Of getting to see my bed every day Coaching your son’s can be tough for father and son having him in the dugout at times, and you know getting barked at a little bit and then Transferring that going having dinner with my family on Sunday night You know that’s a tough love and are in our household stuff love on the field and [I] think our players Have been better because of that, and I think my my boys have been better because there But I think it’s made me a better person Around the kids. It’s made me more patient. It’s made me more understanding. It’s made me more forgiving and When he stops to reflect [lindsay] mags is proud of his family and how they’ve handled being up baseball family the sacrifices They’ve made you know to make this my career and to build our family around it that makes me feel better about the choices we’ve made Who knows if the ball bounces the right way this may just be the beginning of the [mags]? [Era] at the University of Washington, I couldn’t imagine myself being Away from the game just going to help shape my life so much, and my family’s like that. I want to stay involved Me my brother might be running Michelle in three years, but you know oh

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