Baseball – Mike Bianco Interview (1-24-20)

How’s the health?
Everybody good to go? Yeah. I mean, yeah, as healthy,
I think, as we can be. What have the practices
been like this week? Well, this is the first one,
official practice. You know, you got be careful
how we world things, right? But we’ve been out
since the 15th, just in groups
and fighting the weather, you know, like probably a lot
of people in the southeast. But it’s been good,
and, of course, it’s good to finally
be out here all together. I think everybody’s
all fired up. Obviously, a lot of new faces. Wow, this is going to be
really boring. Yeah, kind of.
Yeah. Just what have you seen
from some of the new guys and adjustments
you’ve seen out there? It’s been good. And I know, yeah,
there is a lot of new faces. But I think one of the things
we forget there’s 14 returners and 14 guys
that played a lot, and 14 guys that played
really well for us, you know, either last year
or the last couple years. But fall was good. Fall was good for, you know,
a handful of those new guys, and certainly,
I don’t think it’s a secret, that we’ll need
some of those new guys to contribute this year,
and I think certainly they will. From the schedule
you’ve had yet, I guess the Yankees
are not available. Everybody is on this thing. Yeah, you know,
kids in Louisville being ranked number one,
going to East Carolina, yeah. But it’s the SEC and I think
you just expect that, you know. I think it’s more for you guys
to look at and you look at the schedule
and you look at the polls and,
wow, you play all these teams. But I don’t think there’s a team
on the schedule that anybody
that’s in the other dugout didn’t come here
and expect to play, you know. I mean, you expected
to play LSU, and Vanderbilt and Florida
and Georgia and, you know,
all the good teams. So, I mean, that’s why you come.

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