Baseball Performance Training | Maximizing Player Potential

Okay let’s go! I think baseball and
softball players truly use their upper body so much more than any other sport
that we need to think of how can they sustain that without having that injury. All your powers from the ground up. As a
functional rehab specialist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital we see
the injured or I call the end of the story. Each injury has a story to tell so
as we get them better hey why can’t we do this on the front end why can’t we do
an injury prevention program that not only works but really produces
performance as well. Don’t be too upright guys. Get a little bit of a lean forward.
As a younger athlete I think the challenge there is that they don’t know
specifically oh how the body moves. If I can just get you in a better foundation
to be able to make that throw that is a win for me but for him he might say
you know what? I want to throw harder. Good there you go.
Video analysis is a great tool. You see how you kind of step and it just kind of
goes down. The movement, the power, the motion itself… everything happens almost
in a millisecond. We can literally freeze that frame work on it and then get into
the next step we want this to increase performance but most
importantly is to prevent injuries. You have got to take what we’re doing and then
implement it into your practice. When we look at team we look at the whole entire
group not just features but all positions. We get to follow them all
throughout the season. I think the best part is knowing that they got something
out of it all because of what this program can do.

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