Baseball Pitching – balance training

Speaker: Go to your balance point for me?
Stop. Go one more time. Relax. Okay, I want to show you something, to give you a little
bit more rhythm; this will also help your hands and your knees, especially when you
break, okay? You come set, so it’s so much up here and just leaving them, drop them a
hair here and as you lift a knee lift your hands. Now as you break the hands and the
knee can go down. All right. There you go. Feel the difference?
Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: Now when I tell you to come up,
down you’ll actually have this together; rhythm, instead of having to try to time it.
Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Speaker 1: All right now here’s a drill we’re
going to do. This is going to teach you to use your legs.
Speaker 2: All right. Speaker 1: Stay and get to that position we
just talked about. Have you come set, come up to your balance point, back down, and as
you come down I want you to think, bring your thumbs down. I want you to pause in this position.
Hands aren’t out yet they’re just going to be about right there. Now from there I want
to say strike. Okay? All I want you to think about is good tilt in the shoulders. You’re
going to go out from that position. Just the same one we’ve been working on, come down
on the same foot. If you want to finish back leg you can on this.
Balance, down, okay now straighten your leg out and bring it out toward me. Perfect. That’s
it right there. Good. Balance, down, perfect. Just a little [inaudible 0:02:45] stride.
Good. Now in this drill I won’t mind a little short stride, but it could probably be just
a little bit longer. There you go. Throw. Very good. Now remember as you throw I want
you to feel what you felt on the chair. Come on. Getting out over that front side all right.
If you want, as I said, if you want to finish the back leg you can, but you don’t have to.
I do want to see that out of that front side. Down, straighten out, good. Go up, down, come
right by the plate. Perfect. Out, good, throw; not bad. Now instead of going down on the
knee I want you to think about driving the knee forward. Come on. Put it there, boom.
Yes. Down, strive, go. Keep your arm straight. There. Now shift your hips, nope forward,
shift your hips, and don’t keep bracing it. You’re here I want you to take it, boom. Yes.
You’re here, wham, boom. It’s going to bend. I want you to drive that
knee as you pull. Whoop! It’s going to drive forward, but when you get to here and you
reach, boom. There you go. It’s going to bend. Your leg has got to bend, but what I want
you to think about I want you to think about getting out front and going over that leg.
Balance, down, stride, throw. Not bad. Now all that was was you were trying to bring
the leg through at the same you’re on that one. As you reach with the hand…
Speaker 2: So throw first, then follow? Speaker 1: Exactly. Let the hand pull you
forward as you reach. Down, out, good, now. There you go. Throw. Better. Much better.
Go. Now on this one here as you release instead of swinging as you release up. Down, out,
go. Better, better. You’re just going to have to… Flexibility of the hamstrings in the
pitchers is so important. That’s why you hear about pitchers’ upset about popping hamstrings
is because one, they probably over the belt here, under the belt in the hamstrings or
not stretching those hamstrings enough. When they get here, where they reach, that hand
high and extended, it’s not loose, not flexible, that’s when you pop it. They’re trying to
reach as much as possible and that thing is straight as it can be and their trying to
off on it. Speaker 2: I can feel that, what you talked
about. Speaker 1: Down, out, go. Better. Pause for
a couple. You want to go down, pause, then go. Down, go. Not bad. Now …
Speaker 2: I just got to stay back a little bit more.
Speaker 1: If we don’t stay back as we reach guess what happens to our front side? We’re
here okay. Now imagine that move on aim. Now you just multiply this slant by that slant
because the slant on mine. That’s the big reason we want to tilt and really focus on
tilt especially on flat ground so we stay there.
Speaker 2: I think that’s why I have the tendency, even though I’m going down, I’ve had the tendency
to always throw high. I’ve never thrown in the dirt. I throw high.
Speaker 1: Because your arm can’t catch up. Your arm always is back here because this
is down this can’t catch up, or else, did throw and pull you’d throw it about 40 feet.
Speaker 2: I just try to throw it as hard as I can when I do that, when I throw it high.
My coaches said that I throw harder when it’s real low.
Speaker 1: Balance, down, good tilt, go. Good. Go.

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