Baseball Pitching Drills to Increase Speed

Hey what’s up guys? Today were going to talk
about some baseball pitching drills to increase speed. Now I want to clarify something first;
everyone thinks there is some magic thing that you can do to increase speed when in
reality it’s a combination of a lot of things. You’ll hear guys say if you do this weighted
ball program you’re going to gain X amount of miles an hour or you’ll hear guys say if
you long toss every day really far you’re going to gain X amount of miles an hour. Some
guys will say if you do these exercises you’re going to gain X amount of miles per hour that’s
not the reality of it The reality of it is that whether you’re doing a long toss or a
weighted ball program or a modified long toss no matter what it is you have to buildup,
progress and throw as hard as you can if you’re feeling good. It’s just like lifting weights
guys if you’re in the gym and you stay with 5 pound dumbbells the whole time yea you might
get a little bit cut up but you’re never going to be very strong. Now if you were to take
those 5 pounds and increase your reps a little bit every we or increase the weight or do
both then you’re going to see a lot more of a gain in your biceps not that doing curls
is very important for baseball but I’m making the points that whether you’re doing long
toss or weighted balls or exercises you have to progress and trying to keep getting more
reps and more weight or one of the other and that’s how you increase your speed. So there
is no magic number whatever you choose to do can work as long as you set out a plan
and try to progress as you go but with that being said I’ve got four baseball pitching
drills to increase speed that you can implement into. Like I said it’s a lot of things that
it takes to increase your speed but these are four things that may help.
One we already talked about; weighted balls, throwing weighted balls- yes they can absolutely
help. There’s a bunch of exercises that you can do, drills that you can do with the weighted
baseballs that can help you increase your pitching speed. Long toss we already talked
about long toss. The thing about long toss is if you’re feeling good and your arms are
nice and loose and you’re feeling good you got to let the thing fly if you’re just out
there playing catch you’re not going to gain a whole bunch of speed, you’re not going to
gain a whole bunch of velocity you got to let that thing fly when you’re feeling good.
Now I was never a big super long toss guy like some guys try to get up to 300 ft I was
never that much of a big long tosser because I was a sinker ball guy. So not everyone is
going to be a long toss guy, I would say like 120 but whether you’re at 120 or 300 or 90
you can still throw with the same amount of effort. So that’s what I’m talking about guys
when you’re feeling good you got to let that thing fly okay so let it fly whether you are
at 90 ft. or 120 or 300. I had a team mate in college who would throw from first base
to third base and just let it fly so what is that like a 127ft or something like that
and he would just let it fly. He went from 88 to 94 miles an hour just doing that but
he progressed his amount of throws as he went and he let that thing fly when he was feeling
good okay always pushing yourself. Obviously if you’re feeling sore, tired, and tight
or hurt those are some days when you might not want to push it.
Now two more drills those are the first two; weighted balls and long toss but the second
two drills one is going to be run and gun and the other one is going to be turn and
burn. So let’s talk about turn and burn first. What we’re going to do for the turn and
burns is you’re going to back pedal and you don’t have to do this on the mound was just
standing here because we are talking about pitching but actually let me get on the front.
So for the turn and burns your just going to get in an athletic position start back
pedaling, back pedal, back pedal, back pedal turn and burn. This is great because it helps
you stay close because you’re going from here to all the way open and throwing. So the turn
and burns are really great you want to get some good speed when you’re doing it as well
you don’t want to just go easy, easy, easy, turn and go. You want to get some momentum
going backwards. So you can work on being explosive when you’re throwing it so that’s
a great baseball pitching drill to work on for speed.
And another one is running guns pretty much the same thing except instead of going backwards
now you’re going forward. You’re going to run it and throw whatever feels comfortable
but when you get that much speed when you’re running and creating that much momentum going
forward you’re practicing your delivery speeding up so now your body knows what it feels like;
your visceral system knows what it feels like to throw very fast. So it looks like this
and let it fly. So those are four baseball drills to increase
speed weighted ball throws, long toss, turn and burns, running guns. Guys I got a lot
more baseball pitching drills if you click the link below and I’ll send you over to those.
Thanks for watching, if you like this share and don’t forget there’s no magic pill for
increasing speed it’s about choosing something, working hard at it, letting it fly and staying
committed. Talk to you guys soon thanks for watching.

44 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching Drills to Increase Speed

  1. Here's a link to my pitching program if anyone wants to check it out while it's still on sale

  2. Random question John, but what would be some music you would listen to when throwing a bullpen? Say if you were doing it in like a baseball training facility or place that had music? Mine would be rap music.

  3. I'm 10 years old and I'm trying to increase my speed I'm going to get a gyro ball to exercise my forearm because I'm a starter pitcher I through 30 to 35 and I use blitzballs to practices we my curve ball also. I hope the gyro ball helps ⚾😃😮(★^O^★)💪

  4. I love your advice John! Thanks for the video response as well! I plan to make a run and comeback next year being 25 yrs old. I can do this with progression!

  5. I want to be a pitcher almost 14 years of age, and can throw 40-50 yards at hardest throw, I know how to pitch most of the balls but wbich one should you reccomend me to use for faster velocity pitches? I will progress for this year in 2016.

  6. I've got a question. Im 15 and throw upper 70s and lower 80s. what should I use to make myself faster and possibly to a pro level?

  7. LOL Weighted balls and long toss. How conventional man. You need to do your research of what helps baseball pitchers gain velocity.

  8. Im 16 and left handed throw 83-86 and im try to work throwing 90 by my senior year, do you have any good 7 day throwing programs i could look at? Im doing one now but most of the time by my next start my arm is never fully loose, any suggestions?

  9. cool long toss I do and waited balls twice a week and thanks for the two new exercises run and gun and turn and burns 🙂

  10. thanks dude I'm a freshman at Madison in Adrian mi and I'm throwing 76 on varsity thanks to this video

  11. Hey love your vids am 13 and throw around 70-73 on the normal and recently i throw 65-67 my arm hurts once in a while after i deliver a pitch do you have any videos on how to stretch properly and avoid injury thank you!

  12. hey John, I'm a senior in high school and I'm at 86. Should I take a break throwing until school ball or be doing these drills? I'd really like to be 88 for school ball sometime this season but want to give my arm a rest but also put in the work to increase my velocity. what do you think I should do?

  13. very hepful.
    if you think long tossing is the only way to improve “arm strength”, or that heavy weight training or weight training in general is dangerous for the pitcher. Pitchers need smarter throwing programs that are drill based to learn better pitching mechanics and they need to develop a good base of strength and especially power in the weight room to keep themselves safe and performing at a higher level.
    Here's a link to pitching program with lots of videos and ebooks if anyone wants to check it you can

  14. I'm a holiday baseball player in South Korea. First, I ask for your understanding for my poor english. The comments below are written with the help of a Google Translator.

    I've been playing baseball for a year now, at my 30. I learned the most basic movements of baseball with paid coaching during couple of months, but there were still many things I did not be sure.
    I wanted to throw the ball fast – at least as enough as needed in play – but I couldn't and I was looking for how can l be possible.
    Looking at the first half of this video, I got a lot of inspiration. Rome wasn't built in a day.
    I heard that among sprint coaches, there's a word, "Coach can't make you fast, but can make you faster.". Maybe same in baseball.
    Even if I can not throw the ball as fast as hobby players with long career or former pro-player-wannabe, I have no choice but to do what should I do.

    Thank you for the valuable video.

  15. Hi, do you recommend getting a personal radar gun ie. Supido to monitor velocity for both pitching and bat swing?
    Looking at what tools would be good for my youth baseball team. Cheers mate.

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