Baseball Pitching – Glove Hand and Arm during delivery

Speaker 1: Pull up. Right face, small tilt
back. This elbow should be the same line as the shoulders, thumb down. Thumb down. This
is the last so it’ll get you there. I want to see that elbow up, third base in this position
when you want to throw back. Now all you want to do is when you pull try to keep that front
shoulder up, back and pull. Now chest comes here, set up, down. Right now do back, front,
back. You want to be in this position, you’re going to go, pull, and there it is.
Speaker 2: Just don’t follow through. Speaker 1: Yeah. Finish all the way out with
that front leg, nice and relaxed. Speaker 2: Start up here and…
Speaker 1: Hands behind, good, perfect right there. As you pull I really want you to think
about almost a twist as you pull. You’re going to grab, I want you to think about grabbing
and pulling. Down. That’s right. Now in the re-pull, the shoulders go there. Now it can’t
go out of velocity if you lose control, but if we pull and we stay in this position there,
now we’re still up, now we rotate through, boom, chest is out, we’re in a good position.
Does that make sense? Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Speaker 1: You have to keep this up, keep that front shoulder up for as long as you
can when you start back there. Better. Spread your feet out a little bit. Very good. Now
you notice this is working real good with your upper body. Now what I want you to feel
is instead of keeping this, I want you to feel a small weight shift forward as you pull.
Instead of there, I want you to try to get out over that front leg.
Speaker 2: Stay up and go forward? Speaker 1: Up, but you’re going forward. If
I’m in this position and I pull, wham! I’m there.
Speaker 2: Pretty much what I normally do, I go down?
Speaker 1: Yeah. You want to get this to go over that way; I want you to stay tall as
you pull, wham, here. Now as I get to there, I’m driving that knee that’s already… Target,
boom! I get it. Speaker 2: Should I keep my foot accurate
as I pull through? Speaker 1: Yep. Just keep your foot back.
If it comes with you a little bit that’s fine, but I want it to stay back for right now for
this purpose. Better. This is what’s going to give you downward velocity instead of flat
velocity is this reach. Chest up as you pull. One more.
Speaker 2: I’m wanting to go up.

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