Baseball Pitching Glove Signs to the Catcher

Hey, what’s going on guys? I got a question
on the website today that I’d love to answer and it’s from the [Baby Shits]. He asks,
can you show the signals to inform your catcher of what you are throwing while you are warming
up like fast fall, changeup, curveball, slider, [and] etcetera?
Absolutely, I can show you that. For the most part these are pretty much universal signals.
Most catchers should know these. This pitcher should also know these but some guys vary
slightly in their signals but I’m going to go over just the basic stuff for the signals
to the catcher when you’re warming up. First, the first one you ask is the fastball.
The fastball is just going to be hand out, glove down and then flick it up. Almost like
hey, here it comes. All right. That’s the fastball. Changeup. You are going to be up,
out and open already and just pull back and forward. That is what I used to do. So here
bum, bum, bum, changeup. Okay. So here’s fastball and here is changeup. All right.
Curveball is going to be gloved this way and coming down just as the pitch would be doing.
It’s going to be breaking down this way. The other one you asked was slider. So slider
is going to be a little bit more this way and that’s how you do with the glove is
show kind of where the pitch is going curveball, slider, fastball, changeup. All right. Let’s
see a few other pitches we can go over . Two-seam. Two-seam or sinker. Some guys show
the fastball first and go like this with the hand. All right. So bum, bum. So fastball,
two-seam right. What type of fastball is it? It’s a two-seam. Some guys just go right
here with the hand. That’s what I used to do for my sinker. I would just go here it
comes all right. Catchers know. As long as you communicate
with your catcher beforehand he is going to know. Again these are universal for the most
part so all catchers should know this but you can go ahead if it’s a new catcher.
Just give him this and this just to make sure. Same thing for the cutter. Some guys go fastball
first then this way with the hand or some guys just go just like this. Other versions
for the cutter or two-seam would be fastball kind of going up this way or fastball kind
of going like that. I didn’t like doing those signs too much so I just go here okay.
Let’s see knuckle ball. Knuckle ball is just going to be here and kind of dancing
around just like a knuckle ball would do. Fork ball or split fingers is going to be
here and down. Okay boom cause that’s what you’re trying to get that pitch to do.
So basically that’s it. All of your other curveball variation is going to be similar
just however that ball is moving for you. Again just communicate with your catcher.
These are universal signs but if he knows your little differences that you’re doing.
He will probably figure it out after the first inning after you warm up. He’ll be like
what the heck was that? Okay. Now I know. So it’s pretty simple but anyway I hope
that helps. If you guys have any more questions let me know. I’ve got some more great pitching
stuff for you. Just click the link below and I hope to see you guys in the next video.
Talk to you soon.

14 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching Glove Signs to the Catcher

  1. I know that all catchers should know this and most do know this, but what if my catcher doesn't? Just thinking outside the box.

  2. John…can you do a video on catcher defensive signals to the infield? Things like arm/helmet touches for bunt coverage or something else for where the throw is going on a steal, etc. My sons term is 12 this year and this is something they need to learn. Thank you

  3. How do you get a better follow through because when I'm pitching my landing leg doesn't straighten but it just stays bent or barely straightens

  4. Since I was a kid, I'd always wondered why the pitcher waved at the catcher before each warm up throw. Silly me, it took me over thirty years to figure it out!!! Great video; thanks.

  5. good video for younger players. didnt realy see this to much as a catcher till highschool and i had to learn real quick all the pitchers new it but not me.

  6. I really appreciate that every time I go looking for something you’ve already posted content on it. Thanks a million.

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