Baseball Pitching Grips – How to throw a 4 seam fastball & 12-6 Curveball

Hey, what’s up guys? We’re talking a little baseball Pitching grips, [I’m] here with my sidekick jersey and my homeboy buddy and we’re going to talk about the four seam fastball and the [12:6] curveball okay great combination [to] pitch off of having a fast pitch that moves this way and a slower pitch that Breaks down and has a lot of depth to it, okay first of all the four Seam fastball They call it a four seam because you grip it Across the four seams some guys grip it on top of the seam here Other guys and myself grip it off of the seams here because the seams hurt the fingers too much But the reason they call it a four seam fastball is because when it’s traveling [through] the air. It’s spinning backwards it has backspin and Four seams cut through the air one two three four. That’s why they call it a four seam fastball, okay? Theory behind the four seam fastball is that you’re going to get more speed to the pitch Because you have more seams cutting through it and the magnus effect is going to help Carry that ball faster to home plate and stay on the same plane which in my opinion you want to have more depth on a pitch, but the four seam fastball can be used very effectively for In my example personally I would use the four seam fastball to go into a lefty so my ball will entail back over the plate [I] very very rarely [threw] a four seam Fastball to a righty. [I] would throw more of a sinker to a righty But again it can be a very effective pitch if you get some good backspin on it And it’s a good pitch to be able to locate where [you’re] pitching if you guys throw a four seam fastball go ahead and hit [that] thumbs up real quick and Then we’re going to talk about the [twelve] six curve ball. You [know] throw a 12-6 [curveball]. [I] don’t know where he went [Twelve] Six Curve Ball You’re going to grip the way. I grip it is you can grip it many different ways But the way, I grip it is where the open horseshoe is when I take my two fingers I’m going to take my middle finger and hook it [right] on that lace and Then I have this other finger and put it right next to it my thumb placement is going to be underneath in line pretty much with my two fingers but I’m cutting half of the ball more off on this side of the ball versus this [cylla] ball that’s going to help when I Throw this ball here It’s going to help for it to pop out and go forward now a 12-6 curveball is just like the four seam fastball Except instead of going four seams spinning through the air backwards you want it to go four seams through the air spinning Forwards and the more forward you can get this ball going this way with the four seams on the horseshoes the more depth Straight downward you’re going to get and that’s why they call it a 12-6 Curveball twelve six is just a reference to a clock imagine a clock [your] 12 is up here your six is down here You want that ball to go from here to [here] so it’s more of a straight down pitch then your typical curveball which is more of a [one] [seven] or [two] [eight] okay, so Again, I’m not really Squeezing extra hard on these laces, and I’m not soft. I know sometimes you hear hold it like an egg. I’m definitely not soft I’m not holding it like an egg, and I don’t have much space in between my hand here as you can see I’m pretty pretty I don’t want to say tight, but I’m pretty Close to the ball on my grip So I’ve got a very good grip on this ball Again when you come through you’re just trying to come fingers on top so your wrist angle is going to be this way On your [four-Seam] fastball your wrist angles going to be right behind on the curveball it’s going to be more like a karate chop But your fingers want to be on top coming down through that ball getting that four seam Spin going forward if you guys throw a 12-6 curveball go ahead and hit that thumbs up now, or if you found this [helpful] Go ahead and hit that [thumbs] up anyway, and share this video, okay? Go ahead and leave me a comment below and [let] me know what pitches you throw, we’ll talk about it in the comment section below Thanks guys hope this [helped] and I’ll talk to you soon you

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  1. I love seeing these two pitches back 2 back on video because they are basically opposites. Good job man. Anyone who's LL coach says "throwing a curveball will hurt your elbow". Send him this video. If you drop that hammer just like John shows, you can throw 30 in a row and be just fine.

  2. Hi, I throw 4 seam fastball, 2 seam fastball, slider, curve ball and Fork ball.
    I want to know if iS a good idea throw the 2 seam on the offside part of the plate to a right hand batter.
    Greetings and good videos.

  3. I'm 12 and I throw a 4-seam fast ball in the low 60s a 2-seam fastball in the high 50s a circle – change 48 – 50 mph and a 12-6 curve 45-48 mph

  4. ive been playing for a year… at first my elbow would hurt but after a few months it went away as soon as i started pitching and doing pitching drills my elbow started to hurt again i think its because my elbow is below my shoulder when i throw im not sure

  5. How do I locate my 4 seam better because when throw my 4 seam it's really inconsistent and I can't trust the pitch, and don't what it's going to do once it leaves my hand

  6. I pitched my first high school baseball game as a freshmen using those 2 pitches I faced 4 batters. struck the first one out with the 12-6 and him looking. struck the next one out. walked the next. struck out the 4th batter. and my coach said that he would be starting me next week after the game. Thanks

  7. 12-6 curve, the thumb should be on the bottom seam opposite the index finger to help spin the ball downwards.

  8. Hey John I'm a 16 year old pitcher, I'm incredibly new to the game but found out I can throw a 97 mph 4 seam fastball, what pitchs should I add to my Arsenal to become more effective?

  9. just watching to learn how to throw my self some proper pitches in back yard to teach my 7 year ol son. he's not sure what sport he likes, but seems interested in Baseball, or football. Always been a fan watching both, never really played much of either, except street ball.

  10. My 4 seam is a little iffy. My friend who plays for the Swiss national team says that with how fast my arm moves that it should be going much faster. But I can't get it to go faster. Any tips? I throw a four seam, 12-6, and a circle change up. Would like to add a cutter eventually but I want to develop my fastball and curveball more before I try. Thanks.

  11. I'm 17, out of highschool, and i want to get back into baseball. But im too much of a wuss to run to the rec league even though I'm not even close to being shy. what do I do?

  12. I have a problem that no one has been able to help me with. When I throw a 4-seam fastball it is more of a change up than a fastball. Any advice or tips to help?

  13. I don't have a very powerful arm, but the 4 seam fastball and the 12-6 curveball with the cutter and 2 seam fastball are my 4 go-to pitches. I can put those 4 pitches anywhere I want them to go on a regular basis. To be honest, though, I'm mostly an outfielder who acts as a backup to the backup pitchers: at best I can touch 50 mph with my hardest fastball and my curve ball clocks in at 38 on average. Not exactly impressive, but for the beer league pickup games I play, it works reasonably well.

  14. 1) four seam fastball
    2) changeup
    3) curve which I want to change to a cutter
    4) 12-6 curve

  15. Thanks John Madden for the pitching grips. You make such a difference in the way I play and I’m happy for that. You are a great person and keep doing what you are doing😁⚾️

  16. I can throw 2 seamer and a 4 seamer and a cutter and a slider and a sinker all because of you accept I already knew a 2 seamer and a 4 seamer and a curve ball oh can't forget about the knuckle ball

  17. Not just for pitching but in position players does thumb placement matter when throwing? Like a thumb straight up or thumb bent?

  18. Thank you for the information …. Had to watch the video twice …. was focused on your Black Pit Bull who looks like a very good dog and deserves a treat for being a great "Wing Dog"

  19. I’m an 11 year old kid and I am watching this I am a pitcher wanting to strike out salty kids

  20. I threw a 1 finger changeup curve ball. I am right handed, to the righty I threw at the hitters head and the pitch would end up on the outside corner of the plate. It broke down and away 10 mph slower than my cutter which was my other pitch. My first finger was with the seam and my thumb across the bottom, it went with my natural side arm motion. Same with the cutter, so the hitter could not tell what was coming. I have big hands and long fingers.

  21. My only pitches are 2 seam, 4 seam and change up but im trying to get better im the star pitcher on my team. I had an immaculate inning in 1 of my games this season so just trying to make it even harder for the other teams

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