Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Change-Up

Hello my name is John Riedling and I’m going
to talk with you about throwing a change-up. Now throwing a change-up, there’s many grips
you can choose from. All a change-up is is it’s a slower speed off your fastball. It’s
deception, change speed with it. Now with the grip, there’s many ways. One way is a
circle change, just like that, it shows you the circle right there. And you hold it deep
in your fingers. It’s just the opposite of throwing a fastball because a fastball you
want to hold loose. A change-up you want to throw back in your hand and get as many fingers
on it to slow the pitch down. Another way to throw a change-up is putting the ball at
the back of your hand and throwing with your smaller fingers, your weaker fingers. That’s
another way to change the speed on a change-up. On a change-up you throw just like a fastball
you don’t change anything, the grip takes the speed off the pitch. So the whole time
you’re thinking fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball the whole way and the grip’s going
to take the speed off. And right now I’m going to show you how to throw a change-up. I’m
John Riedling and that’s how you throw a change-up.

100 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Change-Up

  1. you guys are douchebags because the change-up loses momentum and is supposed to drop right at the plate dumb ass

  2. @NitroJunk4 #1 wtf does stuttering gotta do with baseball
    #2 if he's never played baseball im sure he wudn't try make tutorial vids

  3. @xDRAVEx33 keep it loose. i throw my change up with a loose grip and it moves down and in on a right hand batter about 3-5in each time.

  4. I'm John Riedling, and I just hit the ground with that pitch…but I don't care cause I'm better than everyone watching this video.

  5. Usually you grip it tighter to friction it down slower. Very loose and it won't slow down from friction as much.

  6. @xDRAVEx33 oh yea of course. By any means if it doesn't work for you one way, try a different way. Just because it works for someone doesn't mean it will work for everyone else.

  7. @NitroJunk4 You have to be trolling right? He played professionally for the marlins, so he's a hell of a lot better than you

  8. you know, can do without the negative stuff. Learning the game for the first time in mid-life, having a blast. Videos like these are concise and very informative. Thank you for taking effort and posting.

  9. Yo, I'm sick of people makin fun of his Stuttering and how he pitches, first off, half of you are the Freakin reason for kids committing Suicide because of bullying, and second, 99.999% of you will NEVER make it to the Major leagues, so just shut up about it, I guarantee NONE of you are as good as him. Quit runnin your freakin mouths

  10. @TopCheese61
    Ignore them, people like that are just noobs who think they're the best. They won't go very far.

  11. @aralvarado92 a Change-Up is suppose to sink down. try throwing it right over the plate in a game and see what happens………… it will be taken out of the ball park for a home run.

  12. @rrocketUL3N you know, u want to have batters go for pitches in the dirt because they sometimes try to chase it out of the strike zone, which results in strikes, duh

  13. @Joncard15 want the batter to chase a garbage ball, could result in more strikes if he swings and misses it

  14. @chuglife1115 Depends on what the pitch count is….0-0 NEVER!!! 2 fastballs and an 0-2 count…sure….But, even my 10 year old pitching machine kid would have watched that pitch. Awful!

  15. back off the poor guy would ya!!!! stutters… big deal, he really helps show how to throw pitches, and throws them good. you dont want a breaker ball thats breaks to the center of the strikezone. im thirteen and i know that. u shouldnt be mean to him, you haters are just jealous because of him actually being able to throw it unlike you.

  16. what the heck is wrong with you people hes a person can probally pitch better than you and if you can't do that then stop watch these videos he's putting a side his life to make this video for us. He can probally pitch better than alot of you so stop attacking him or just go sit on you fat butt and watch sad video's eating 20 big mac's with you boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @aralvarado92 um if you play the ball looks like a fastball coming, then what do you know, its slower so it is under the strike zone. You swing and oops strike out. Plus he can at least throw one unlike you, who came to the video for help.

  18. In the Netherlands baseball and softball seem to be dying very slowly.
    I hope, the tide will change. Fingers crossed.

  19. @TopCheese61 I kind of agree with you, its stupid that people talk shit when he is only trying to help. Im just trying to learn for fun but shit people need to calm down.

  20. I don't see why everyone is so upset about this video. I'm learning to pitch for leisurely baseball games with my friends, and because of that, his instruction is good enough. It doesn't really bother me to be the "best ever", at least as far as major league standards, because I'm not playing for that reason. If you're playing simply to be better than everyone else, you're playing for the wrong reasons.

  21. I´d rather watch a guy who is better playing than talking, like this guy, than any other who is a blabbermouth. If you want a speech, go somewhere else, haters

  22. I love how people try to bring up his numbers in these comments. To all those who say he had an ERA of 7.xx or only pitched 15 innings, please enlighten us with your MLB statistics. I guess everyone has to criticize something. Great vids though!

  23. Im 13 with a nasty curveball and it works as a change up. It's better too because it's a change up that drops dramatically. But a change has no risk of hurting your arm.

  24. The thing is is a curveball that works as a change up, is just a curveball that you want to be a change-up, a change up breaks later looks like a fastball to a good hitter and drops not as dramatically. A curveball can be picked up easier but is harder to pull the trigger on sometimes and curves. Do not confuse a curveball and a change up my 13 yr old. Listen to your coaches and you will thank them when your older, i promise.

  25. shut up dip crap he is a person to you know because you know i know you are a total a-hole and i know you know i know you are an a-hole so shut up learn how to pitch and dont focus on his speaking ability and focus on what he is saying and learn dont sit there and say T-t-t-today junior because i gurantee you cant throw as good as him O.K

  26. thts wht changeups are supposed to be. offspeed and out of the strike zone. youd rather a batter pick up on a pitch outside the strike zone and not swing rather than him pick up on a change up hangin and he crushes it

  27. Thx dude I wasn't sure how to throw a change up but after I watch this video I did an then the next day I struck out 5 batters with the change up..

  28. There is only one thing wrong with these presentations by this individual–he is not showing the pitch from behind, where you can get an idea of what to look for. Apart from that, these are great videos and very informative.

  29. He Threw Were A Changeup should Be LOW And Does Any1 Know That Its Better To Miss With A changeup low than high

  30. Okay everyone he had an era of 4.41 for his career actually. Not 7. He had 7 his last year. He was 17-13. He made more money than any of us. The league minimum then was 400 grand. He even has 4 major league hits. Eat that haters and hes a pitcher.

  31. stop making these videos. you need to learn how to speak. also, who the hell did you coach for? what major league team? because so far, none of your mechanics or grips are accurate…

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