Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Cut Fastball

Hello I’m John Riedling and today I’m going
to show you how to throw a cut fast ball. There are actually a couple ways of throwing
a cut fast ball. The first way is holding it with the four seam grip but actually putting
all your pressure on your middle finger. Now when you hold the four seam grip you want
to hold it a little bit on the side of the ball and you want to put all your pressure
on your middle finger and that will make that ball cut. Secondly is how you throw it is
you can preset with your wrist. Now I have a four seam grip and all I do is I preset
my wrist and when I come and throw it is just like that and when I finish in follow through
the ball will cut. The key thing in throwing a cut fast ball is your delivery, your finishing.
You want to make sure that you finish fully extended either presetting your wrist or with
your middle finger grip putting all the pressure there and really letting it out front and
just think of a fast ball, don’t change anything. Now I’m going to demonstrate how to throw
a cut fast ball. I’m John Riedling and that’s how you throw
a cut fast ball.

100 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Cut Fastball

  1. shut the hell up,when your on the sidelines your playing grabass, football all you do is build up endurance and muscle to push guys around and run…baseball comes down to more wih mechanics and positioning, foot ball you run around and try and smear a guy, hmmm some sport…

  2. lol u realize there are like 1,000 kids just like you and the probability of u having any major league success is little to none? If only you were Dominican I'd give u a chance…

  3. since when are sports about sweating?
    The hardest sport in the world might not include sweating….
    and the easiest might be the most tiring. Really doesnt explain anything.

  4. i love baseball, but how can u say basketball and football are not sports? thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard

  5. i throw my cutter like cc sabbathia my dad showed me that he uses a curveball type grip and throws it like a fastball and it works alot

  6. @xOGBxConnorr your kidding right? there is mechanics in tackling someone and mechanics to catch the ball mechanics to cut and block so stfu

  7. you just show us how to grip, but that's it, who has the eagle eyes to see that pitch? you need high speed camera or put camera on your back

  8. @Retepification yea i tried to play baseball but i would rather play football nd not strike out every time i bat

  9. mariano rivera is a problem with his cutter and he learned to throw it on accident he only would have had 2 pitches if he never figured this out in 1997

  10. @bradybjg How can you say someone can be succesful in baseball and not be athletic? The strongest man in the world could step up to hit and not drive the ball half as far as an acomplished baseball player. Basketball and football players are athletic but do you know how hard it is to throw the baseball 80+ miles an hour from third to first base for a routine play day after day after day for 160+ days?

  11. @UrbanApacheStudios im 5 years old and on my teeball team i can throw my cut fastball is around 95 mph =)

  12. guys the sinker is a much better pitch! expertvillage has a great tutorial on it but so does my channel, if you check out my video i'd be glad to take any advice and all views are appreciated!

  13. @crazydodgerfan777 im 12 2 but i throw EVERYTHING(righty)(i also dont throw everything but i know how to pitch evrything) my slider has a 5-7 inch break(verticaly)
    Change-up that has a little tail that drops out
    2seam that has sharp rotation
    4 seam
    Knuckler that has no rotation wat so ever
    and more

  14. What would have been cool if he had two cameras. One in his front side and the other on his right side so we can see the baseball CUT. Still a very good informational video. I want to teach my son how to throw a curve ball and cut fast ball like Roy Hallladay

  15. fuck you thats not how you do it i have a pitching coach and he know how to teach someone things like this, his name is:BUD SMITHH search him up!

  16. Check out my page The video up is me closing out a 11-9 came with the tying run at second. 4 pitches to a 12 year old tournament player who just the inning before hit a solo HR off our 3 rd pitcher of the night. My 4th pitch to him was a modified cut fast ball. Cool! Jeremy Rogers 12 year Pitcher AtLANTA GA

  17. lol ur cut fastball suks i just but my middle and index finger on the seams and angle my hand to right since im a lefty and then for a screw ball i direct my rist in the opposite direction =0

  18. @seattlehawkins four seams are kind of simple. if you look at how he was holding the ball before he was positioning the cut fastball, that is how you grip it. and to throw you would just throw it like you'd throw a ball.

  19. i thought thats how you throw a regular fastball, i learned i was wrong and i was throwing a cutter by accident 🙂

  20. wtf? it wont cut with a 4 seam grip? it has to be held like a two seam grip… with the long grip or short grip

  21. HELP!! We in The Netherlands need help from across The Big Liquid. Baseball and
    softball are dying slowly in our country. Can anything be done? Free broadcasting of
    Major League games for instance? All we see here is soccer, soccer, and soccer.
    Really, we baseball fans need help over here.

  22. why would you throw this pitch with the camera facing you head on? we want to see the movement of the pitch with the camera behind you.

  23. when you turn the wrist it becomes a slider..look at steve carltons website..problem with this pitch is a good hitter can see the dime.spinning

  24. The first grip is on edge if you move your wrist outside of your body the slightest bit it the becomes i Slider that wont break….. use the second grip

  25. Those videos where he shows the pitch at the end are pointless. You are trying to see movement to the side viewing it from the side, and theres a shitty camera. But none the less, its an alright video

  26. it seems as though he focuses on the mechanics in his videos more than the ability to see the movement

  27. Put the fucking camera fucking behind you and don't fucking move it with the pitch so we can fucking actually see the fucking ball and fucking see it fucking move

  28. That's not how to throw a cut-fastball. First, start with a regular 4-seam grip. Don't move your thumb on the bottom. Just slide your index and middle fingers down the seams a few stitches. If you slide them down too much, it becomes a slider and it will break too early and/or too much.

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