Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Fastball

Hello I’m John Riedling and today I’m going
to talk with you about throwing a fastball. There’s two different fastballs that we throw.
There’s a four-seam fastball where you throw against the seams. The four-seam fastball
will give us greater accuracy and greater velocity. Then there’s the two-seam fastball,
also called a sinker. Now that we throw with the seams. What the two-seam fastball does
will give you movement and that will take away the velocity. When you’re throwing these
fastballs, when you’re holding them, you don’t want to hold them tight and squeeze it. You
want to treat the ball like an egg. You’re going to have it real loose where you can
take it out of your hand. In delivering your fastball, when you’re throwing a fastball
you want to keep your fingers positioned behind the ball, not to the side but right behind
it. Now that will give it greater distance. Now if you get to the side, it’s going to
spin and it’s going to be flat. So stay behind the ball. I’m John Riedling and that’s how
you throw a fastball.

35 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Fastball

  1. @mrcheese10001 it is not as easy as it seems, you have to learn all the mechanics, because if you don't know how to throw a fastball with all the details, you might hit the batter or throw it very bad

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  3. What dumbass doesnt know how to throw a fastball, you dont even have to pitch to know what it is, its how you throw the ball when you play catch. What a pointless video

  4. im havin trouble with my 4 seam fast ball. i pitched yesterday for my hs team and everytime a pitched it the hitter smashed because it kept going over the plate wtf is wrong. even if i aim it down and away it still ends up over the plate.

  5. Not every one have perfect spelling. You should not insult him just because he spelled demonstration wrong.

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