Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Forkball

Hello I’m John Riedling and today I’m going
to talk with you about throwing a fork ball. Throwing a fork ball is pretty much just a
grip. It’s like throwing a fast ball but all you’re doing is just splitting your fingers
just like that and that is how you grip a fork ball. The key in throwing a quality fork
ball is your follow through, your finishing. When throwing a fork ball you want to have
a loose wrist. You don’t want to have it stiff, you want to have it loose and you want to
finish and have full extension and what a fork ball does is it tumbles and it takes
off speed and hitters will be ahead of it and it will drop late so when they have to
commit on the ball the ball will tumble and they will miss the ball and now I am going
to demonstrate how to throw a fork ball. I’m John Riedling and that’s how you throw
a fork ball.

100 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Forkball

  1. I cant believe someone would make fun of his studder. He was a professional baseball player!
    He knows what he is talking about.

  2. @ricardo13lupe its a forbal a splitter is faster plus your fingers are not that wide on a splitter, its just a little wider than a two seam

  3. @The12watermelon no obviously you dont understand this guy is shit and doesnt know what the fuck hes talking about

  4. This is different from what i thoight a forkball was, my uncle had big hands so when he threw a forkball it didn't spin, basicly like a knuckleball.

  5. @cfu23 wow, if u don't like the video get off it you don't need to watch it that is what the pause button and videos on the side are for. stop hatin on him. Get a life fag….

  6. This guy was my pitching coach last year and this year. He really knows what he's talking about. He played with the Reds for six years and he has helped me become a better pitcher. I wouldn't say anything negative about a guy who can still run it up in the low nineties when he wants to.

  7. i see to have more luck gripping the ball opposite to what he did in this video, because of the more controll you have with the seams, but as long as your comfortable with it, it doesnt matter.

  8. @LogePiece they ARE almost similar. Actually, most baseball players cant explain what they do. That's why the best coaches were the worst players

  9. @Itspang24 its not a ball u thro consistantly, like any other trick ball u thro it wen the batter least expects it. An the way it changes speed causes the batter to swing premature or hesitate

  10. I like how your pitch didn't break at all. FYI, unless you have really long fingers, you won't be able to throw a good splitter/forkball.

  11. i eat shit it effects your pitches greatly the only bad part is the breath. but makes your curve like a 20 10 break.

  12. Sorry its been about a year late but he lives in the Nashville, tn area with baseball stores in Cool Springs and Murfreesboro, TN. He's pretty focused on his business but he might still be giving lessons

  13. I threw a fork ball for 8 years and it does not react like you said. A forkball thrown right looks like a knuckle ball but slot faster. There is non spin to the ball. bob feller wrote a book on how to throw one which I still have in my safe

  14. Well I threw it when I was 16 threw collage . And when it is thrown correctly it looks just like a knuckle ball. If you let turn over out of your hand yes it will drop off a table. Try to get to have no spin and watch what you will have. Takes a lot of practice to get it right. This is a great pitch to throw for kids. Don't hurt the arm, and the ball will dance.

  15. The Forkball is one of the best pitches you can throw, if you're trying to destroy your elbow. It's a wicked pitch if you can throw it correctly (this video example does no justice), but it's a quick way to blow out your elbow.

  16. I throw a forkball but it doesn't spin like a knuckleball but it has a drop right before the plate and the grip is different. It's not meant to get people to Strike Out it gets people to hit it on to the ground

  17. I am a young pitcher and I'm very interested in this pitch all of a sudden. Could this pitch or a variation of it hurt your arm..?

  18. One of my favorite pitches to throw!(thank you for the showing us how to utilize this pitch to are advantage 🙂
    I wish the view of the pitch being tossed was at a better angle…

  19. 0:22 (it's all good man)

    but, remember…
    to snap the fingers, [slip/open out] especially with that finger placement. #consistency #reliable #movement #hurakabaseball

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