Baseball Pitching : How to Throw a Slider

Hello I’m John Riedling and I’m going to talk
with you about throwing a slider. Now when throwing a slider the important thing is the
grips. There’s different ways you can hold it but like I said the important thing is
on the grips. Where you have something to push off. Either hold it this way or you have
it the long way and have more of the seam to throw against. When you’re throwing a slider,
mechanics have a big role in throwing a proper slider. But the key thing and the mechanics
to throwing a good slider is your finishing. Now when you’re throwing a slider it’s just
like a fastball, you want to think fastball the whole way and at the last second you turn
your wrist in. Okay? And with your wrist you want to have it loose, you don’t want to have
it stiff. So on a slider, you think fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, fastball, slider.
That will get you the late break and that will get you a nice tight slider. And now
I’m going to demonstrate how to throw a slider. I’m John Riedling and that’s how you throw
a slider.

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  1. @ChubbyKola Cool I wasn't being a dick I was serious the mets are last in their division its hard to get to the majors and I actually wanted you to say I have a lot of respect for him.

  2. @TheACE377 Also its not since you fought tooth and nail saying he finished with a 7.00 era and you have anger issues along with problems with your caps lock button.

  3. @wickedninja8599 Yeah exactly they act like they know more than the Reds pitching coaches who have been training pitchers for years.

  4. This guy should emphasize the pressure of the middle finger tip pushing through the outside of the ball. Maintaining pressure at the finger tip can make a big difference.

  5. @bestwaffleg that was my dad who is 45 and trying to act cool. Im actually 18 and a girl and i need to get my dad OFF my youtube.

  6. @ProTuner06 that was my dad who is 45 and trying to act cool. Im actually 18 and a girl and i need to get my dad OFF my youtube.

  7. @jeffreyhrz He was probably sent back down to the minors. A lot of people can have incredibly long professional careers yet only get a few big league years in.

  8. @KyleCagle3 no he didn't. It was 2.25 K/BB ratio, and 10.6 K/9 but in only 15.1 IP. He still knows something. Remember the journeymen pitchers and catchers are usually the best pitching coaches. Since they struggled they probably looked at their mechanics much closer than Nolan Ryan ever did.

  9. a 10.6 K/BB ratio would be incredible in his rookie season. that's almost the highest in a single season. and that wasn't even the right stat, it was k/9 innings. why don't you go learn something about baseball stats before saying anything about them.

  10. I think i know baseball stats. So what if i wrote the wrong stat down? I think i know more about baseball stats then you do

  11. Then maybe you just don't know how to READ stats. If it were K/9 or K/BB it would still be amazing. You should know that for someone that thinks they know stats better than I do

  12. Well i mean i obviously do know more stats mroe than you. Do you know how to calculate Bill James's Pythagorean theorm? or tell how good a hitter is by his Equivalent average? And PLEASE tell me you know how to calculate a players Isolated power! But wait, those are to advanced for you, im sorry. Do you know at least who has the most saves by a left handed pitcher?

  13. It's John Franco and while you're wasting time with obscure stats like that you still don't know how the preposition "to" works or how K/BB ratio works.

  14. Congratulations! you know how to work Google! and obscure stats? those tell more about how good a player is than Wins, Average and WHIP. And i know how K/BB works, strikeouts divided by walks. This aint no spelling test! we don't have to be grammatically correct. oh wait, i am sorry, "is not" instead of "aint"

  15. Congratulations! You know know how to use Google to find equivalent average and isolated power! And I can prove it just as easily as you can prove I googled john Franco! Which is not at all! The point is, why would you say the guy doesn't know what he's talking about if he clearly has the stats to prove that he does?

  16. Yeah i did use google to find them..3 months ago. An please, noone knows who John Franco is. the only reason i know him is that he gave a pitching seminar at a perfect game event that i went too. and besides i was being sarcastic when i said he didnt know what hes talking about

  17. My curve Is deadly… But I tried this slider it did not go in on a left handed batter at all. Even at practice…

  18. can u use three fingures instead of 2 because im in a 10 year old fed and have really smalll hand plz respond bak

  19. Is your opinion and advice the same for someone who is 19? I just started throwing curves and sliders and they move a lot. I just got caught up in the beginning because they moved so much that I would only throw that and it resulted in pain in my elbow. However I threw the same and with less aggressiveness on my arm, and I threw more fastballs and I mixed it up which resulted in me not having pain at all. Do you think I can keep doing what im doing with no teacher except youtube vids? lol

  20. Remember when that pro lax player was paid 30mil a year? oh that was a baseball player? oh pro lax players also need jobs at mcdonalds to pay for their living expenses? my bad

  21. I'm a right handed 17 year old and have a 4 seam and 2 seam that i throw overhanded and 3quarters at bout 87mph, a sidearm slider at 79mph and breaks bout 2 feet, 12-6 curve overtop which breaks 3 or more feet straight down at 73mph, a knuckle that goes left and right and down at same time sidearm at 69 mph, circle change at 3quarters that drops a foot at 70 mph, a Vulcan sidearm which moves left and down a foot at 70 mph…and no pain :))

  22. I pitch the slider a different way. I put my thumb and pointer finger on the seam that looks like a C, thumb on the bottom, pointer finger on the top, and my middle, ring, and pinkie fingers go on the side. I do my mechanics the same exact way as a fastball, its just my grip that is different, and i pitch a great slider.

  23. I do the same. I pitched that way since my little league coach taught me to throw it that way. He said it had less tension on the wrist and causes less damage. He also taught us a knucklecurve. my slider has the same velocity as my 4 seam and is basically the reason why i was picked up by FSU

  24. Yea, my circle changeup grip is almost the same, just the fingers are closer, and that goes slower, my slider goes faster than my changeup, but slower than my fastball, it is a good speed for a slider. But you are right, it is almost a circle changeup grip, but that is how I've always thrown it.

  25. i thought for a slider you just put your pointer and middle finger on the opposite seem that you would acurve ball.

  26. i thought a slider was just a pitch with the exact opposite spin from a curve. So if I am right handed, than in theory, my slider should have the same spin as a lefties curve. However, usually a curve is easier to get power into the spin and easier to aim. I thought anyways. Like more insight on this from more pithers. Thanks.

  27. Aren't sliders more effective for pitchers that have a more horizontally-angled path in their throwing arm arc? If it's not dropping closer to the end you might as well throw a forkball for easier mechanics.

  28. Thats what I thought A slider was the opposite of a curve,plus I wish they would have filmed behind him or behind the plate so we could see how his slider looked.

  29. He moved his whirs like a curve so the way he showed us its only going to go down in a bad way so this is not a reliable source for this pitch

  30. Wow this is not how you throw a slider that's a slurve. A slider is almost a fastball just mover your finger on the right sem

  31. Yea, a good slider can be an "out pitch" and get a hurler out of a your fastball and mix in maybe a straight change..& John shows you how to hold the ball & deliver it..I love baseball & like to mix tunes into my drills..Try ACE DIAMOND's "Playin' Baseball" -CD(12-songs) makes your workouts more fun!..great old & new tunes here!

  32. No professional pitching coach is going to make fucking videos for ExpertVillage dumbass. I mean, god damn, he says that he was a former major league pitcher but if you look him up, it doesn't say ANYTHING about him. Strange? Not really… Because everybody on these shit ExpertVillage videos lie.

  33. Yes he was a major league pitcher he was drafted to Cincinnati reds don't talk about something you don't know about

  34. Funny…I looked him up and easily found his stats…Personally I think 302 IP with a lifetime ERA of 4.41 in the majors is enough qualification to do an instructional video…

  35. John Richard Riedling, born August 29, 1975 is a former Major League pitcher drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 22nd round of the 1994 draft. He debuted on August 30, 2000. During his Major League career he went 17-13 with a 4.41 era and 198 strikeouts through his last appearance on August 28, 2005 for the Florida Marlins. His post MLB career has included a stint with the Long Island Ducks of the independent Atlantic League as well as baseball instruction.

    Google can be your friend.

  36. Hey John. Where did you get that portable mound? I looked online and couldn't find one. I'm looking for something that breaks down and packs easily.

  37. Anthony dinglor
    I'm 13 and throw 82mph
    I throw mlb curveballs I ain't supposed to because you can hurt your wrist but I throw every mlb pitch

  38. my wrist hurts just thinking about turning my wrist..take a minute and go to steve carltons website to learn a SAFE start turning your wrist and you are begging for trouble

  39. The only thing that matters when throwing a pitch is the spin. You shouldn't turn your wrist at the end. Just keep your hand in the same position to achieve the spin without hurting your arm. The same is true for a curveball.

  40. Great way to injure your self. Especially for kids in little league. You will ruin your pitching career before it really even begins.

  41. I want to know how you throw the Steve Carlton slider, not this one. Verlander and Carlton sliders are totally different. You want to learn the Real deal that nobody else teaches, because we certainly don't see the Carlton slider today get back to me. Joe Garagiola taught me in 1978.

  42. As soon as you supinate, you change the plane the ball is traveling on. What makes the slider so good is its ability to come in on a fastball plane before breaking away. To quote Steve Carlton, "I hold it like this and throw the shit out of it." No supination, just throwing it like a fastball.

  43. He threw a ball……nobody would swing at that stuff. Over the plate, it B long gone…………………..

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