Baseball Pitching : How to Throw an Eephus Pitch

Hello, I’m John Riedling, and today I’m going
to talk to you about throwing a eephus pitch. Now, there’s many pitches, there’s, you got
your, that are very common, fast ball, sliders, change up, curve balls, forks, but there’s
a pitch called the eephus pitch, which is, pretty much a gimmick pitch. There’s no certain
way to grip it, preferably just like a regular fast ball, and you’d like to throw it for
a strike. You rarely see these, but I tell you, a good eephus pitch is needed when you
got a good hitter up there, and nothing has gotten him out, so an eephus pitch is not
a bad idea. And right now, I’m going to demonstrate how to throw an eephus pitch. I’m John Riedling, and that’s how you throw
an eephus pitch.

100 thoughts on “Baseball Pitching : How to Throw an Eephus Pitch

  1. No I can throw an eephus and the correct way is to put your pointer finger and thumb on the same seam on the side of the horseshoe and flick it behind your head

  2. I'm a pitcher and I have NO armspeed. My fastball is slower then some other people's changeups but I make it effective for me because of my split-change and sinker and occasionaly my nucklebal.. An eephus might be a pretty good pitch for me every once and a while.

  3. All of you are idiots… It's an actual pitch Vicente pedilla on the BOSTON RED SOX threw 2 yesterday. An eephuss is gripped like a curve all how ever and you try to paint the corner with it usually because if I gets inside in someone's wheel house. It will get raped.

  4. That's not a real eephus pitch… A real eephus pitch would be like a change, you have to have the same throwing motion as if you were throwing a fast ball, but the ball comes out at a very extreme angle and slow speed. Batters rarely hit that type of pitch because they were just staring down 80-90 mph pitches, then this huge arching ball comes in there, they can't adjust to it. Many of them will swing way too early.

  5. Eephus pitches are at least 20 mph faster than that and the arc lands right in the strike zone if you are good at it.

  6. Rip Tidwell the most famous Eephus ball thrower had one HR hit off him in 300 games Ted Williams. Williams had to step put of the batters box to hit it so he shold have been out. It was at the '46 all star game and Ted Knew it was coming. He fouled the fist one off. Thrown well it is a very hard pitch to hit.

  7. actually its supposed to go higher than that. the eephus is a really hard to hit because a good eephus somehow drops into the strikezone about straight down

  8. why are all these people hating on this vid? obviously yall know nothing about baseball. First of all he explained that this is a GIMIC pitch. also, its the kind of pitch you see at the end of a baseball movie that strikes out the best hitter

  9. yea but you gotta actually go through your whole motion, or the hitter will eventually catch on to what your throwing

  10. "A good eephus pitch is needed when you've got a hitter up there and nothing's gotten him out." Ya have him belt one to center, round the bases, and you can continue on with the game.

  11. An eephus is like a slower than slow changeup so don't hate I know you can't hit this if you didn't know it was coming

  12. lol…the Eephus has actually been used in the majors without getting the pitcher benched…Satchel Paige would sneak one in periodically as well as Livan Hernandez (though very rarely) and a bunch of others…oddly enough the only ones that tend to end up as homers are when the pitcher throws it more than once to the same batter…most tend to end up as foul balls, pop ups, and lazy flies (if they're even swung at) and quite a few end up as strikes…It's not supposed to be a staple pitch…

  13. NEVER judge anything based on an "expertvillage" video! If you want to see a skilled Eephus pitch, you'll have to dig up some old footage on the original Eephus pitcher himself… Rip Sewell. He didn't sneak the pitch in, he ran with it and was an allstar!

  14. Thats because the pitcher (elduca or however it's spelt) threw it multiple times in one at bat. It's easy to hit if you see it more than once. The reason it's good for getting people out is when you use it once combining it with hard low pitches to get the batters timing off. The pitcher was stupid enough to start him off with it and then throw it again

  15. No shit sherlock…i throw one…this guy lobbed it and dropped his elbow 2 feet…your supposed to throw it just like you would any other pitch

  16. its amazing how wrong he is.. a gimmick? just needed to get and out/strike? are u stupid!! its a breaking ball.. not a lob u god damn moron

  17. Wow, so many people knocking this pitch.  It's not meant to be a part of the repertoire.  It's meant to use no more than once in an outing if he's fouling off your 4 seam/2 seam and he's got the timing on your off speed and breaking pitches.  If he's 2-2 and he's already clobbered your power curve once, the eephus has the same movement at half the speed to throw him in front.  I used it one time in my life, but it was in the dirt for ball four.

  18. This is not even close to being correct. An eephus is not a gimmick. It's a breaking ball. Try telling Vicente Padilla that an eephus pitch is a lob. You're an idiot

  19. YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT! this is the most shitty "how to" video I have ever seen. learn your pitches before you attempt to teach. what the hell!

  20. That was a terrible throw. A good eephus pitch is suppose to come out from the same throwing motion. The guy threw that half ass.

  21. Horrible he slowed his arm down and it was very detectable..throw it with a loose wrist and it will be good

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