Baseball Player Attacks Pitcher with Bat

find out first thing so sharon shell creation the licensing has got to sum it up back redknapp goals they often of the long island ducks
i thought the powerhouse of the minor leagues accredited i really have a point don’t mean any sports seems docs it’s still good it’s a little did not do this anyone with that but you can’t be out there be a life all of them but if they give you the underdog perspective the pipe is you get beat by a doc so when
you do it in the morning and that’s why this guy came which argent out with a bat disease
are you a call me a doc you know he’s got he’s got to spend up stuff in it well see that’s the way through the first
of all the story was the specs major-league fifteen years in a
leak is now my least thirty eight-year-old holes they offer them he’s not little adults than they were bridge
portland and bridgeport bluefish at savannah smith betsy that’s kinda cool i like that
so %um their first is the game posing as a home run
he’s look and get back in a diesel please play with them that’s the dogs use an all-star
with the dodgers %uh it’s the homeowner first of the game next on the comes up hits will whisper from the kitchen dissident calf motives so i was a mom with the bat i have to settle things ascend into such a
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was split after the accident %uh purchased one you’d like a helicopter
movers head internet service for running to catch a in the his head who suffer contest orchestrated lyrics no one the picture gets a hit you with the baseball
going ninety five miles an hour and a lot of times in the head and you can go out there was about me bitching at me with the ball major with
a bat so you’ve got the ball i got the bat how you are all africa of room to this through
the story before without the same storm at the same type of thing at the maze of these
before all of a sudden you’re thrown one weapon somebody
of a guy has another weapon is an which is that the u_-two to kill you and it then the
bins is clear who know the weapons that will not all this equipment turn weapons foresight
hockey and baseball intercom dont though wasn’t taken who have this tradition that could be wrong all our director of it’s not because my kids
out there who just try to kill somebody in his career brought his head so it’s if it all gets a badge addition dina
that’s the whole thing here obviously the cash in the gone out with the patent pull
them out couple own and all that stuff writing a book to purchase
fingered two they not they gave baseball players are the
government action played football he’s back next week right
didn’t hammer by middle linebacker who is two hundred eighty five pounds of and is on roids incinerators had often been
based on their congressional examples refused and of course a picture of calm down
to sit down and get it easy take it easy for the saudis he should be allowed a bad but at the same town i’d just on the show
is acceptable to throw people’s heads i mean the pitches come in nineteenth ninety five
hundred miles an hour sometimes invitation ahead they’re charging this guy was battery and
they surely dizzy when i was a bad comfortable life but why is it a battering assault when
i got there was a baseball that you’re going to tell you what i got a street seven well
certificate would you charge of the so-called coursework
is everything he does because his feelings are hurt for
giving up a home run game goals a score that way yeah but that’s not a think tank you jr jackson
ok all boodi in a home run against you want that
bitch better bitch you don’t get me what is this all are my feelings are hurt someone throw your
hat and indeed your life the subject on sunday afternoons on internal
since under of football that this was a style but shabbily doesn’t
get to go out there him with some of the next time out ’cause he got score dot not base closure as occurs in as a good thing
i never play because i probably transom hourly baraka you throw my hat see what happens ok yeah go what can we get started with discomfort offer art vase upon store after that more
close on the enter sucka

100 thoughts on “Baseball Player Attacks Pitcher with Bat

  1. youtube, should really have a rating for each channell, and if it gets alot of low/bad ratings, it gets shut down. bc this chanell NEEDS to be SHUT the F DOWN!!! worst thing i was asked to sit through.

  2. Ya your right every time a batter steps in the box when im pitching I aim for their head. Stupid that would not be true

  3. What a dumbass the fat guy is arguing over pitchers have a baseball and it hits the batter, BUT YOU DUMBFUCK THEY HAVE HELMETS!!!

  4. Yes, because I go to youtube to look at pictures and listen to a bunch of wannabes give me their take on it. THANK YOU YOUNG TURKS, THANK YOU.

  5. Guys, I love your show. But I think this commentary is showing a lack of knowledge in the subject matter. Here a few points:
    1) In MLB, the batter is required to wear a protective helmet on their head.
    2) Pitchers have no protection.
    3) The intent of a pitch (no matter where it is) is not to kill the batter. It's to intimidate the hitter as to take away their temporary mental advantage. (Like being in "the zone")
    4) How many cases have there been of batters in MLB being killed by a pitch?

  6. Gees. These guys suck. That catcher's career ended because of that incident. He suffered the same fate as Steve Moore who was the victim of Todd Bertuzzi's cheap shot several years back.

  7. I played 12 yrs pro ball….2+ yrs in the show. I hit a few intentionally nvr near the head, always around the ass. If you come out with a bat you're a idiot. If I hit you in the head, guess what you wouldn't be able to come at me with a bat, & I should be punished.

  8. No Pitcher has EVER thrown at a Batter's calf! Why are these jackasses talking about, "Throwing at his head?"

  9. young turks is annoying..someone get them out of here..they are not ever news worthy..not even kids tv..those who employ them,i would not watch- im spreading this around everywhere..spread the word

  10. youtube should make it illegal to misrepresent the content of your videos. Ef you guys for wasting my time.

  11. The turks are the WORST thing on youtube. They have to fool people into watching their POS videos because THEY KNOW no one would watch them knowingly. You suck and go to hell!

  12. wat do u have aginst the ducks they r better then u will ever be i hate that i but myself through watchin this video

  13. sumtimes batters gettin hit by a pitch is an accident….fuckin idiots…getting hit by a little baseball even if u get thrown at the head u got a fuckin helmet on ur really gonna compare a baseball as a weapon to a bat? dumbass dude

  14. excellent points by tyt. in the end the pitcher broke his finger, and the catchers concussion ended his career, offerman was arrested the next day.

    but they make a great point, how is throwing a baseball at some ones head not assault but using a bat is? and because the guy hit a home run? "pitch better bitch".

  15. 2:31 captions say: "all our director of it's not because my kids out there who just try to kill somebody in"


    also, how dare you say that pitchers "get to hit batters in the head"… what a disrespectful statement to the game of baseball…this whole video is a disgrace

  17. 90+ mph hit with a ball is equal to 20 mph with a bat. Of course you can't charge the mound with a bat idiots.

  18. Why does that Turk on the left try and talk like an illiterate black? Is he trying to fit in with his partner to his left?

  19. first of all pitchers dont throw at the head they get fined and a slider is an offspeed pitch and it dont come 90-100 mph

  20. I have such trouble taking you seriously when the subtitles are so incredibly inaccurate.  You should consider removing them rather than leave them up like this.

  21. OK Cenk, you get to throw the ball at me once, and I get to beat you with a bat until my arms are tired.

    That's exactly equal.  

  22. lmao "bitch you gonna hit me with a ball in gonna hit you with the bat you got the ball I got the bat".

  23. If i am a pitcher and batter is charging the mound with his bat, I’m not just standing there; I’m running immediately.


    Fat ass buffalo bitch

  25. Lol it's funny to see the guy from the young Turks calling a team named after ducks gay. It really was a different time in 2007 I guess. That dude would have a meltdown if someone else said that today.

  26. One was playing sport, one as assault with a weapon because that was how it was intended other wise base ball would be illegal could have had a injury slipped or just bad pitch but how close was he when he swung the bat at a head and went to the pitcher to do it

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