Baseball player Eduardo Yanez had a long road to find Doane.

Hi I’m Eduardo Yanez I am from Mexico City I’m a freshman I’m a triple major business administration Spanish and graphic design get a minor in math coming to Doane was a big decision because I was looking for a four-year university to play baseball at the end of my senior year of high school I didn’t have any scholarships or anything I didn’t have any offers one day coach Jeremy and coach Dean they saw me playing baseball and they talk to me so by that time I was talking to a junior college in California so I decided to stay there for my Fall but my mom talked to me and my dad and told me that it was a better option to go straight to a four-year than a junior college so I would say my mom my dad coach Jeremy coach Dean I was in myself just decided to instead of staying on a junior college for two years just go straight to a four-year college which was Doane which led me to Doane and I think it was the best decision that I made my life I started playing baseball when I was four years old I started playing baseball in Mexico City so my dad was my coach like almost my whole career and then when I turned 15 he told me the option to go to California to play in high school it’s hard for me from its way away from them and its hard for them to just let me go to another state that they cannot visit me I bring my glove well I had this glove for seven years so it’s almost half of my career it’s pretty old so I pitched my best games in high school with this glove and I think it’s it’s something we do baseball that you had to have if you paid if your paid good with something you I just keep it stick with it and then it’ll give you a result so if I grab if I grab another glove I don’t feel comfortable with it when I’m playing my position I just feel weird because it’s not the way I like to form it so it’s just yeah I feel I feel confident with this one every time I go out to the field yeah every scholarship they give away in this school is pretty much to a good student athlete I will say just support the school and for what the good things and all the seasons you

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