Baseball player with diabetes keeps head in the game

My name is Chris Freeman I’m a sophomore
at West Ranch varsity baseball and I’m a type 1 diabetic. I’ve been playing
baseball since I was about 5. My dad was a big sports guy so he got me in all the
sports but baseball is the one that really stuck with me and the one that I’ve
loved since I was five. When I was 10 my dad saw signs of diabetes and he’s a paramedic so he came over when he was on the job, tested my blood sugar and I was really high so the next day took me to
the doctors; they found out that I diabetes and I really didn’t know at the
time what that meant. I didn’t realize in the future how big
of a thing it was going to be with sports and just daily life things.
Diabetes is pretty much my pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin to keep my
blood sugar levels stable so all I have to do is give myself insulin to keep him
in check so I I stay healthy. Playing with the insulin pump definitely
gets annoying because I have to check my blood sugars throughout the game to make sure I’m ok. Having diabetes I’ve had to work harder to get where I am right now.
It just gives me the motivation to keep working harder and to keep grinding and
make it to the next level to show your buddy that diabetes is not going to get
in the way of me. Chris’ battle with diabetes has been
something that’s been a part of his life since he’s a little kid. The average
person would watch Chris go through a day and not really notice the diabetes,
not really notice him checking his sugar levels and those type of things so he
really is a warrior. He acts and reacts like a typical teenager and in all
honesty it’s really inspiring to everybody else. I think it gives me one up
on other people because I have a reason to prove people wrong so I can get to
the next level. I mean people think that just because I have diabetes it’s going
to stop me at a certain level I can’t go places but I want to be the person who
gets it under control and shows people I can play good while I have it so I can
get into next level. Chris is a happy-go-lucky kid.
He’s fun-loving; he has all kinds of energy; he’s the first person to get
everybody laughing to have a good time and so we we just adore having him in
the program. He has lots of friends, not only on the baseball team but across
campus. He’s the kind of kid that stops by each group of kids throughout the
campus, says hello and high-fives and hugs and all that stuff and so he’s just
a wonderful person to be around. The diabetes thing is not something that has ever crossed the coach’s mind and it’s certainly something that he’s been
able to overcome and put himself in a position to compete with the best
players on this campus. Diabetes isn’t going to affect my love for the game. I’ve
loved this game since I was five and I’m never gonna stop loving it.
Diabetes is just the thing that I have to deal with and it’ll never get in the way
of my love for the game.

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