Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Build a Batting Cage

lThe questions ask how to build a batting
cage. Well, the answer is a little more simple then you might think. A batting cage can be
constructed of metal or of wood. First thing you have to do is build several standards,
it will require two vertical poles, it would run this way, and then a horizontal pole connecting
the two. From that, the netting can be hung. You’ll have to, obviously buy some netting
to accomplish your batting cages, and usually most people buy a regular batting cage net.
But those are simply hung from these standards. The number of standards would depend on the
length of the net. I would suggest keeping the standards something twenty feet or less
in between the two standards. But basically, with wood or with any type of metal, you can
construct poles, two vertical poles with a horizontal pole connecting. Several different
standards, depending on the length of the net, and then simply hand the net from those
standards. I would also highly recommend getting an L screen for the batter, or the pitcher
to stand behind when he’s throwing, because of safety involved. But basically, that’s
how you build a batting cage.

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