Baseball Playing & Coaching Tips : How to Coach Baseball

The question is asked, How do you coach baseball?
Well, that’s a very wide ranging question, with multiple answers, and something we could
spend days talking about, but basically, the best coaches prepare their players mentally,
physically, and fundamentally, and basically, what I mean by that is, keeping a positive
attitude among your players, to make them play at optimum performance. Giving them the
correct fundamentals, so that they can do the best that they do at their position,and
then have an attitude of teamwork, and all of those are a reflection of the coach, and
the coaching style. There’s the Bobby Knight type coach, that seems to be the drill sergeant
type, that in some cases can be effective, and then there’s also the nurturing coach,
like a Coach Wooden, that are well liked, and were considered player’s coaches, so you’re
going to have to adapt a personality, that matches not only your team, but your coaching
techniques, but let me make a point, if I may. One of the best ways to teach a player,
is much like you would train an animal. There needs to be positive feedback, just as well
as negative feedback. The coaches that only give negative feedback, are much like when
you’ve done nothing to a dog, but smack him on the head. Sooner or later, when he sees
you, all he’s going to do is duck ,so you need to make sure that you mix positive reinforcement
with negative reinforcement, and between the two, the player can find a balance, and what
it is that you’re looking for, and like I said, I can’t stress enough, the importance
of getting good repetitions, with the correct fundamentals. Remember, perfect practice makes
perfect, not practice makes perfect, so make sure your players are fundamentally sound,
in the skills that they’re trying to accomplish, and try to help them achieve those fundamental
skills, by some good repetitions, and the exact correct mechanics of that skill. Try
to adapt your coaching style, to the needs of your team, and try to adapt your personality,
in a way that will allow for positive, as well as negative feedback, and that in short,
is how you learn to coach baseball.

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  1. I really think it's important to let the boys be affectionate with one another. this is the best way to build trust within the team. A couple kisses on the lips and bare chested hugs is nice I think. helps my team win every time.

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