Baseball Positions & Roles : How to Play First Base

Let’s take a look at the responsibilities
of the first baseman. His first obligation is, of course, to guard first base in the
event he winds up on the right side of the field, splits the right side of the field
with the second baseman. Again, everything determined by the batter’s prospective. You
line up before the pitch, ready to field the ball if it’s hit within your general area.
If it’s hit too far to your right, generally you will allow the second baseman to field
the ball because your primary responsibility is to come here and cover first base to get
the out. If you get the ball in your glove before the runner touches first base, you
get the out. If not, he’s safe and you’ve got a runner on. Now if that runner does get
on, as a first baseman, you have to hold him. That means while the pitcher is making his
wind up rather than lining up there in your normal area, you’re actually kind of putting
your foot on the bag and stretching out, waiting to take the throw in case the pitcher wants
to pick him off. Now, as you can see, I’m a right-handed fielder which puts me at a
little bit of an awkward position here trying to hold a runner on because if I field, it’s
very difficult for me to get back and tag him like this. So it’s more advantageous for
a first baseman to be left-handed. Doesn’t necessarily have to be; Mark Mcguire was a
very effective right-handed first baseman. But most of your major league first basemen
will be left-handed because it’s more advantageous for them on pick offs. Now, another responsibility
the first baseman has is cutting the throw off from right field on a play at the plate.
So that’s going to mean that the first baseman will run out to about right here. As the right
fielder will field the ball, he’ll provide a target, “hit me, hit me, hit me.” You’ll
field the ball, turn, and make a throw to home plate to record an out at the plate if
there’s a runner trying to score from third and the ball’s hit to right field. And that’s
just about all the responsibilites for a first baseman.

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  1. first base only takes the cutoff if it is going home secondbasemen takes the other ones hit to the right side. i play first base

  2. I've been told to take cut offs from right and cover all cut offs by running near the pitchers mound like insurance for ball to stay in play

  3. hey ive been playing first base since i started playing baseball and i noticed two things about this video that where wrong the first one i noticed was on the pick off you need to open your front leg more toward home plate just in case its a wild pick off second thing i noticed was that when your cutting off the right fielder you don't need to go out that far you need to come in between the dugout and the pitchers mound im just saying mabey you can fix some stuff just in case youmakeanothervideo

  4. hey Ive got a reply for your first answer he messed it up your not supposed to go out that far for a cut off for home your supposed to come in between the pitchers mound and the dug out the second is still a cut off for second base and home depends how close the play is and if the play is to close the second base men are supposed to call off the play and bring it to second if there is a play there…. hope i helped….

  5. omg this guy is an idiot…."and thats just about all the resposabilities of a first baseman". ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thanks for summing it all up for us first baseman dude. ha ha ha ha. I cant wait to watch how to be a catcher. HA HA HA HA HA

  6. OMG this guy sucks!

    i play first base right now, but everything he says is so obvious. and i dont think there is problem of reaching out and catching a ground ball and toss it the pitcher covering first, instead of making the 2nd baseman fielding the ground ball.

  7. 1. at first base you have both heels on the bag to start and then stretch out when the ball is coming at you

    2. when first base is a cut off man, he should go to right of the pitchers mound and let the outfielder throw it in.

  8. Dude, epic fail. Why would you run way out to the outer grass line? And why are on the line? If the ball is in the corner the 2nd baseman is out there and you should be basically next to the mound if not maybe a little closer up. Can I get an amen from my fellow left-handers who know what I'm talking about?

  9. No if the outfielder is like mid-field then he should be able to reach the pitcher's mound. If it's off the wall, it's a double cut and the second baseman should be out there and you go to your same spot. If it's down the line it's going off the wall or close enough to it. The farthest you should be out is the baseline. That's the basic zone from baseline to an imaginary line from mid of pitch mound and foul line. If your outfielder can't reach then we got a problem. 😉

  10. I miss J.T. Snow. All you have to do is watch him field and you'll learn everything. Just like watching Tony Gwynn hit.

  11. 15 n i know how to play beter then u.! 1)you dont have a first base mit,2)your scuared untillthe ball gets close then u step on the bag so incase off a bad throw to the oppisite side you can get it,3)thats not how you hold a runner!, last but not least you HAVE NEVER PLAYED BASEBALL IN YOUR LIFE.

  12. @charger17000 lol 1:32 thats a short stops job, and his fielding position is horrible, and he didnt square himself before the throw! DONT LISTEN TO HIM PEOPLE -.-

  13. This is the worst video I have ever seen! This guy should be thrown in jail for allowing children to view this garbage!!! Kids… LOOK AWAY!!!

  14. 1:30 – wrong, technically, you're supposed to be more away from the foul line, but if the RF is in foul territory, adjust.

  15. I am a first baseman, playing on a national tournament team, and tha is WAY less responsibility than i have. I take cut for home on CF and LF, plus back up throws coming into second from the outfield. Also on a play at the plate, if the pitcher isnt backing up home, i come down the line for backup. This guy is a joke, this is EXTREMELY basic stuff

  16. @94ltk i play 3rd and i have a fielders mitt and im probally the best 3rd baseman on the team. It does'nt really matter what mitt you have as long as you have a mitt.

  17. Primarily, yes. But there are certain situations where that is not true. If there are no runners on, ball hit into right center or right, the 2nd baseball is the cutoff. SS is the cutoff for a ball hit into left center or left. If there is a runner on first and the ball is hit into any outfield position, the SS cuts to third; or home if it is an extra base hit. If there is a runner on 2nd. Ball hit into CF or RF, 1st baseman is the cutoff to home. If hit to LF, 3d baseman is cutoff to home

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  19. You shouldn't catch the ball and then turn. You square yourself to the outfielder and when the ball starts to get close to you you start to turn gloveside so you can make the throw quicker

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