Baseball Positions & Roles : How to Play Second Base

Let’s take a look at what the second baseman
has to do. Now the second baseman splits the right side of the field with the first baseman.
He has a primary responsibility of fielding the ball that’s hit to the right side on the
infield. The first baseman will have a limited range, but for the most part, anything on
the right side of the infield should be the pursuit of the second baseman. The second
baseman also has to cover second base at times when the ball is hit to the left side of the
infield. Again, our orientation is from the batter’s perspective at all times. So as the
second baseman prepares for a hit, say it’s hit to the right side of the field, he’ll
make a play…making a throw to first base for an out. If the ball’s hit to the third
base side, and there’s a runner on first, then the second baseman has a different responsibility.
The ball’s hit, he has to come around, cover second base, and hopefully turn two. Turning
two is a double play so he’ll have to catch the ball, getting this runner who’s trying
to advance from first to second out, turn, make a throw to first base before the runner
who just hit the ball makes it to the bag, recording the second out. Also, if the ball’s
hit to the outfield, often times the second baseman has to run out about midfield and
cut the play off. He can turn, he can make the throw to second, third, or home, or he
can just run the ball back in, asking the umpire for time and resetting the ball. So
those pretty much cover the second baseman’s responsibilities.

34 thoughts on “Baseball Positions & Roles : How to Play Second Base

  1. hell yea!! catching the ball, keeping runner on base, call the right pitches, be alert at all times, line up cut off men and much more

  2. yea unless you got a good coach then yea catchers decide what pitch the pitcher should throw, unless you get signs from coach

  3. dis guy really doesnt know wut hes tlkn bout n yea catcher does have da most responsibilities cuz i do play both positions

  4. only at a young age when you get to high school and up your outfielders should be able to make a through to the first baseman cut off to home, the 2nd still cuts to 2nd just in case the batter tries for the extra base

  5. im a second basemen and taking cutoffs from the outfield is definitely confusing when it comes to double cuts or trailing th ss also getting taken out at 2b doesnt feel too good with metal spikes

  6. @ih82red if the outfielder throws the ball to the second baseman then the runner breaks around third the second baseman will throw the ball home lol so 2nd basemen can cut the ball home

  7. I think everyone understands this stuff lol, and normally when there's a ball hit to right field and there's a play at third, the shotstop will actually cut that throw off, but nice video. And for 'xproskier' when there's a throw down. To second on a steal, the second baseman will cover the bag if there's a right handed batter. During warmups, they usually just take turns each inning.

  8. @jumphigh820 i play second base too i also agree cutoffs are really confusing so is holding people on at times

  9. @ahmedking27 2nd base takes the cut. anything on the right side of the field, 2nd base takes the cut. if its up the middle, you and your shortstop must talk to who is going for the cut (if needed.) if its on left side, get on your bag. this rule goes for no matter the baserunners.

  10. depends, if the batter is lefty, you go to base and shortstop covers. if the batter is righty, you cover and shortstop goes to the base.

  11. esta muy bien , buena enseñanza , lo podrias subtitular en español , (tengo un hijo que inicia a jugar besbol, y tambien inicia leyendo tiene 5 años gracias )

  12. This helped i litte bit i just made my town allstar team and they said i would be playing 2nd base but i am a 3rd baseman and a catcher

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