Baseball Positions & Roles : How to Play Third Base

Let?s take a look at the responsibilities
of the third baseman now. The third baseman generally has the responsibilities of guarding
third base. Now, he’ll generally line up in the middle of the left side of the field close
to the third base line, that’s the line that travels from home plate up past third base
on into the outfield. You can actually see the foul pole behind me there. The third baseman
will make plays on ground balls, making throws to first base to get runners out. He’ll also
protect third base if a runner is coming through. Sometimes he’ll back up throws from the outfield
behind the short stop if there’s a play at second base in case of an errant throw. And
he also has the fun responsibility of covering foul territory, because if a third baseman
can make a play on a pop up in foul territory before it goes over this fence here, it’s
an out. So he has a lot of responsibility there as well. Something else the third baseman
can do; now on a standard baseball field we’d have grass about right here. This public field
doesn’t have that. But sometimes the third baseman will play in on the grass in case
the batter, generally a right handed batter bunts. If he’s going to bunt, the third baseman
can charge, field it and make a throw to first base or second base if they’re trying to pull
a sacrifice. The third baseman rarely if ever travels into the outfield, there are some
small occasions where that might happen but it doesn’t happen very frequently at all,
so generally he guards the bag, he guards the line against bunts, and he explores and
patrols foul territory on pop ups. And those are the responsibilities of the third baseman.

34 thoughts on “Baseball Positions & Roles : How to Play Third Base

  1. Everything he said on this video I learned when I was 5. Thanks.. I didnt know where 3rd base was on the field, lol

  2. @dailga yeah I guess so but the shortstop can help out with that too. But there are advantages and disadvantages to wherever u choose to position yourself. You just have to take a risk and do what's comfortable for you.

  3. @TheDigitalBanana yes WE do your not the only one …….its to CUT OFF DUHHHH HAHAHAHAHA WOW YOU THINK YOUR SO SMART LITTLE 13 YEAR OLD

  4. hes out of shape, states the obvious that people already know, hes not from the braves and hes wearing an outfielders glove. fail

  5. If the batter sac bunts then there is no reason to throw it to second base because the first base runner already knows its a bunt and will be so close to second before anyone can field the ball that the only play will be at first. Fail.

  6. lmao this guy is like nearly stupid. he dont even mention cut off from left to home. and honostly i have never seen a third basebmen actually be able to throw a guy out at second on a sacrafice. come on now if your gonna make a video make it right

  7. I once went into the outfield. There was a pop up behind me, and i knew the shortstop would be able to get over there quick enough, and my LF was playing too deep to get there. So I turned around and ran about 10 feet back before making a leaping catch over my head.

    The best part of that play was seeing the batter walk back to the dugout with that pissed off look on his face.

  8. Difference between guys and girls: This guy can explain the whole roll of 3rd base in 1 and a half minute but a girl will take 5 minutes just to show how to take a lead off.

  9. U are talking about playing third base without having a third base!! Total Lunacy!! Get a clue. It makes you look so bush league. If you went to the trouble of getting a camera and a cameraman, next time get an actual 3rd base!!

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