Baseball Practice w/ WATER BALLOONS?! 🎈 Mixed Up Challenges | Ep #4 | Nick

What makes a base? What’s a ball? Come on, coach, we get it. When are we gonna actually play? – You wanna play?
– Yeah. – You wanna have fun?
– Yeah! Well that’s why we’re learning
the fun-damentals. [groaning] Let’s start with proper sock etiquette. Note how neat my sock line appears. Now that’s fun. Foul ball. Well, that didn’t work. Maybe we should have used
the home run balls? Even better. – Should we mix up practice?
– Indeed. It’s a beautiful summer day out here
for a slugger soak fest. Someone’s gonna get drenched. Let’s play the Mixed Up Home Run Blast. Hot days mean beach toys. The batter batter with the most hits
is the grand slam champion. It’s the first inning and
this one should be an easy dinger. A beach ball, play ball! Alright. Batter number one, please
make your way to the home base – thing so we can–
– Throw some beach balls at you. You’re gonna miss it. – He’s real strong.
– Such an athlete. That was the easy one.
It’s too big. Dallas, there’s something
on your shoe, Dallas. That was, look–
Oh! – Wow, what a dinger.
– What’s that? Uh, just I heard someone say it once. Oh, this one’s a bad one, Dallas. What a first round. Somebody give this kid his allowance,
because he just cleaned up. And stepping up to the plate,
we got batter number two. Let’s see if he can put
those beach balls in their place. I blame the pitcher. Curveball! You trying to hit me, bro? – That was the ball’s fault.
– Definitely out of the box. Well, one hit is better than none. And that’s how it’s done. It’s a one hit inning
here at the ball park. He’s telling those balls who’s boss. I know I’m in your head right now, but–
Oh! – Oh…
– That was pretty good. Yep, she’s definitely focused. Oh, swing and a miss! Don’t worry, you’ll get the next one. – Ooh.
– Oh. My bad, my bad. And as we slide into the second inning,
it’s rubber ducky. [squeaking] I don’t think that’s regulation. – OK, Dallas.
– Scarlet and Micah did pretty well. Now it’s time to do it
for the rubber ducks. You’re gonna miss it. You’re gonna miss it.
You’re gonna miss it. Uh, wouldn’t want to be that duck. The duck went quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack! Oh, that makes my bill curl. The sound it makes when you hit it. – Quack.
– Whoo! I think there’s a point in there. Now that was a good at bat! – Let’s see what Micah does.
– OK, buddy. Whoo! Batter two, can you be
nicer to the ducks. – Quack!
– Get out of my Oh, I guess not.
Sorry ducks. What is that booty shake, bro? Yep, yep, yep. [yelling] Don’t miss it, Micah. Man, ground ducks. I was making mine fly. Do ducks really fly? Well, I can call my evolutionary cousins,
but they’re headed south for the winter. – By flying?
– No, by train. Oh he missed it. Ooh! Who missed it? Who missed it? – Good hit.
– Not me! He’s coming out swinging. Swing and a miss. Uh, I don’t think so Scar. You’re not getting in my head. Maybe try a little harder. Oh really? Da-da-da-da! – Da-da-da– Ooh!
– Never mind. That’s how you quiet the quackers. The score is 5, 3, and 2. Still anybody’s game. I know this might get a little messy. The end is near. – Meaning…
– Water balloons! – Whoo!
– Whoo! Got a little wet right there, that’s OK. It’s OK. Here we go! He did it with his eyes closed.
That’s a big splash. – I got a little more wet.
– OK, swing. Whoo! Do you hear thunder,
because they’re making it rain. Let me show you how the professionals… – Where’s the professionals?
– Right here. Nah, it’s only right here bro. No, it’s obviously right here. That bad did not want to get wet. – I hit it!
– Into the ground. That’s the strongest water balloon ever. [laughing] I didn’t even pop the whole way! I feel so bad for him. Miss it! Sorry, I didn’t bring an umbrella. My fur is pretty water resistant,
so I’m OK. I hit multiple. Oh! Look, so she talks to much smack, but can’t hit a shot? Splash zone population: 2. – How’s that feel?
– Pretty good. Pretty refreshing,
if you know what I’m saying. Wow! 7th inning stretch. And an eighth inning massage. ♪ Take me out to the baseball ♪ ♪ Hit some stuff with a bat ♪ Oh no, play the remix replay. [music playing] Let’s see who won this.
I think I’m gonna win it. No, that’s mine. We’ve tallied up all the runs. Looks like there’s a winner. Ha-ha, oh yeah. Congrats kid, now you’re
a Lunchables hall of famer. Whoa, bud, whoa! I’m gonna win the next one. Thanks for watching
this mixed up challenge. And remember to create
a mixed up blast of your own.

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