Baseball Rebellion – How to Throw Side Toss

Hey coaches, it’s Chas Pippitt and Tyler Zupcic with me and we’re going to talk about how to set up for side-toss. This is a very commonly used drill in Little League, middle school, high school but we gotta make sure we do it right or it’s extremely unsafe and really counterproductive. So, Tyler’s going to go ahead and get set up. Now he’s obviously a right-handed hitter, I’m a right-handed thrower, some of the things I’m saying would be flipped if we were lefties, but basically I want to talk to you about the setup first, okay. So, I’m going to be two-paces in front of the hitter. Two paces and three to the side. One, two three. Right. Okay, now, I like to do side toss sitting on a bucket, okay. So, I’m going to show this way and I’m going to show from the knee. Now, there’s a couple of things that are really, really important to understand you’ve got to be to the side of the hitter. Now, if you’re directly beside the hitter, that’s a tougher toss. What I constantly see around the area, it’s crazy what I see because these coaches are here in front of the hitters like this and it’s so unsafe. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. We’ve got to be better at this and we’ve got to give kids better tosses too. Now, when you throw side toss, you want to give a firm wristless toss. You don’t want any wrist action in the toss. You just float it to him like this, but first. So, watch my hand. I go back and float. Okay? Again Back and float. Now I’m throwing that ball right at Tyler’s front hip. A lot of times coaches will throw at the back hip or they’ll float it up there and that gives the hitter time to push their hands out in front a little bit and puts the coach at risk. So we want to make sure that we’re going at the front hip or even a little more out in front, which is fine. Okay, very consistent. Now really quickly, I see some speed toss. Okay, so we don’t want to do this where the coach is like Obviously, he wasn’t ready, okay. Give the hitters some time. Give him a chance, or her a chance to get themselves ready to take a good consistent swing. So you want to let them hit Let them reset Then focus right on that front hip and give a nice firm toss. This is going to make this drill much more efficient, much safer for you, the coach, and much more productive for the hitter. Thanks.

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