Baseball Rebellion: Rebel’s Rack Movements – Part 3

The hitter has now mastered the stride
and show portions of their swing and what we have to do now is we have to
first make the hitter understand the only way for hit for him or her to learn
this movement, the turn, is to go as fast as they can. The slower they go, the
longer this takes, the slower they go, the more mistakes they make. So we have to
emphasize constantly and consistently the speed and distance they turn maximum
speed, maximum distance is the only thing we care about now. Obviously we’re going
to cue some certain things to make sure they’re turning correctly but if
they’re not turning fast the cues are totally useless. So we’re gonna get in
the show position now, again holding the rack up under the armpits, pulling back,
we’re gonna get into show position okay, head back. Now all at once we’ve got to
straighten this leg hard through the heel, we’ve got to pull our back hip and
back foot over the rubber and we’ve got to make sure our back shoulder gets all
the way to center field. So there can be some slight bounce corrections just like
that but we’ve got to make sure their footwork is clean and quick. The speed of
the turn is everything okay they have to completely lock out their front leg, they
must make sure their back foot is quick not high, they’ve got to maintain the
bend in their back knee and my back knee is in front of my face. This allows them
to lean towards their back knee and towards the umpire and that keeps the
back in the zone as long as they can. I see so many swings on Twitter and
Instagram where kids take a swing and then they fall over, that’s garbage. If
your body is falling it’s also slowing down. You naturally slow down when you’re
going to a position of instability or a position of unrest. Your body goes
fastest when it’s also balanced, so you can achieve balance by slowing down or
you can achieve balance by speeding up correctly. So again, we want to make sure
we lock this front leg out all the way and all the other rules apply from the
first two things. So if the stride is wrong you can’t go to the show, if the
show is wrong you can’t go to the turn. The instructor, the coach, must be
disciplined and willing to force the hitter to take the time necessary to get
these movements perfect before the hitter earns the right to hit again. So
again, heels on the line, normal stride nice and slow into show okay, we breeze
right through that stride position we right in show and then boom we go.
Everything we got, complete turn, complete lockout, quick back leg we want to go as
fast as we possibly can. Now from the side view you want the hitter to show
their back to the camera or to the mirror okay, so the pitchers over here
now, same position here okay I’m right here now
I want to make sure that I’m quick and complete with solid feet. That’s how you
learn to turn and once they can do that then they’ve earned the right to hit again
and that’s how we get the results that we get here at Baseball Rebellion.

4 thoughts on “Baseball Rebellion: Rebel’s Rack Movements – Part 3

  1. Agree. Where is the coil. I really like a lot of what they teach on this channel. But in this case I believe the pull back should be up and back because your basically winding up the hand and barrel path. The hand and barrel path is lowest directly in front of hitter and higher to the hitters sides. Path is circular not linear. You want to be slightly uppercut at front end of hitting zone. Bat and hand path never flat through entire hitting zone. With that said…….. a lot of good instruction on this channel. Thanks.

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