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  1. When youre already at the point of confusion that you had to look up YT videos and the narrator has some weird ass accent you can barely understand. Tch.

  2. thanks man….now i atleast know the basics of this game…..though we pakistani play cricket but this game is quite difficult to understand

  3. hey just letting you know someone reuploaded your video https://youtu.be/AYlOsqb_QOc
    plz like this so he can see this
    edit: they uploaded it twice https://youtu.be/HsDY1Yp5Ptg

  4. I'm going to the US for the first time in my life this month and I got Yankee tickets. Glad I saw this video. I now understand the sport easily. Also helps that I used to play Wii Sports so some of the things you said came into mind

  5. I'd rather have a super bowl or the World Cup than the World Series . 3.1 Billion people saw the World Cup lol

  6. we're not really european?

    Since when? are you an native american? you probably are 98 percent european, since europeans were those who took over that land, and killed most of the native tribes… so…

  7. Is it weird that I understood it perfectly but everyone else doesn't but on the other videos I watched everyone else understood except for me

  8. I have to study cuz I'm really into it but I only know a little bit more than the basics and I signed up and my first game is tommorow

  9. This is a pretty good basic explanation. To do a full explanation would take hours. I feel this is why baseball isn't as popular as other sports in America. I feel most Americans would know everything in this video but not fully understand everything that is happening at every second of the game. I played baseball my whole life and know the sport pretty well. To me watching baseball is like watching an intense chess match. There is so much strategy that goes into every piece of the game that most people wouldn't even notice. why is the pitcher throwing this pitch at this time, why are the fielders positioned in that place, etc.

    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will try to answer as best I can.

  10. I just don't get WHY does it have to be 162 frigging games! Why do we want to see a team playing against other team OVER AND OVER?

  11. Did this moron just said the world series is more covered then the WORLD CUP!?…ROFLMAO!!…such an American thing to say….

  12. The innings part is a little tricky to fully explain. But theres 9 innings. Each inning is split into top and bottom. The top of the inning is for the visiting team to bat and the bottom of the inning is for the home team to bat. But if the home team is winning, the bottom of the 9th is not played and the home team wins.

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  14. I don't think you should trust this guy's explanation of baseball as there are a lot of mistakes in this video and he called the outfielders right outfield instead of rightfield

  15. Every rule has an exception, however… 3 good throws towards the batter (STRIKES) and the batter is OUT (strikesout). These throws are called ‘pitches’, because the person throwing the ball is the ‘Pitcher’. 4 bad pitches (BALLS) and the batter goes to first base automatically (WALK). After being hit, if the ball hits the ground, the defense must get the ball to the base (the white pillows you see) before the batter/runner gets to that base for an OUT (groundout). Had the defense caught the ball before it hit the ground, the batter is OUT (flyout). If the runner is touched by a defensive person (fielder) with the hand/glove that’s holding the ball, the runner is OUT (unless he/she is standing on a base, then the runner is still SAFE). 3 OUTS and the other team gets to bat (or ‘hit’…i.e…play offense). After each team has batted (accumulated three outs), that’s one INNING. After 9 innings, the game is over. The object of the game is to touch all the bases IN ORDER, i.e…first base second base, third base, then fourth base (right back where u started, fourth base is called ‘home plate’, or just ‘home’). That scores a point (called a ‘run’).

  16. @6:45, the Home team bats in the bottom of the inning. This is important because it means the home team bats last when they're behind in the score, or wins outright after the top of the 9th.

  17. Why can’t he explain if each innings is started by 4 batters – one on each base?

    Is this right? Are there 4 batters on the pitch ? And where does the 4th batter stand? And if the striker runs to the first base, does the second batter have to run too? Or does he stay there??

    This is the part he never explained and am still confused about. And thus I have to say this was really pathetic video which wasn’t useful AT ALL!

  18. I've tried to understand the nuances of baseball before, as a Brit…this was really helpful and very entertaining! Great job! I know people who know the game already may be grumpy about some of the detail, but for me starting from scratch, this was great! Thanks!

  19. I never realized how complicated baseball was until someone asked me to explain a play on a clip channel, I sat at the keyboard a few minutes trying to figure out how to simplify the wording

  20. you explained it pretty good, although it was a little confusing(as with anything tho, lol). the drawings definitely helped

  21. 3:53
    The runner/batter can still be marked for a hit if he gets out as long as he had reached first base safley. Ex: Getting thrown out going for a double is still a statistical hit but does not count for your on base percentage.
    Or a double

  22. I want to watch and understand the rules of baseball… but after watching this I'm still confused. I'm from UK

  23. I'm here because I'm Brazilian and bought a Dodgers baseball hat. I have no idea how the game works. Was it a good deal? Are the Dodgers good?
    I wanna be a baseball fan, gimme some tips pls.

    Yesterday I learned that it was Jackie Robinson day, the first black player to be hired back in the 40's. The fact that the LA Dodgers hired him makes me happy about my choice.

  24. It was well explained to what I remember about the sport when I was kid. And now I'm just refreshing my memory for the baseball camp in Germany for my church mission this summer. You did great and learned more rules that I didn't observe before esp the unspoken ones

  25. What is the difference between runs and scores? You still get numbers. You don't have to call that word special thing. That is a stupid sport.

  26. Only the English like cricket? No, Scotland, Ireland (test nation), the Netherlands and a whole bunch of european countries play cricket.

  27. CrIcKeT hAs LeSs BrEaKs!! It literally has a tea break on every day of play and goes on for 5 days. SiMpLe GaMe.

  28. A aaa Aaa aaa H my teacher is gonna mark this for mah grades TwT wahahah I can’t hit da ball I can’t mark it or when to hit it every time it go pass me And it’s a good timing ANd I didn’t hit aAAaaAah helppp

  29. Baseball is a shitty game. Derived from Cricket. No wonder Americans cant understand cricket when they cant understand the easiest rules of baseball.

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