Baseball Stadium Food Hacks Taste Test

ballpark concessions – will have to make
some concessions.
– Let’s talk about that.( theme music playing )Good Mythical Morning! We are swinging
for the fences today, debuting our Sam Hunt
predictive text music video and making a game
out of some awful
vintage commercials. But that’s later.
This is now. And now
is baseball season. And, lately, stadiums
across the country
have been vying for that
super Instagrammable
wild, wacky concoction that’ll put ’em
on the food map. For instance,
the deep fried
hot dog stuffed pickle –at Texas Rangers games.
Mm-hmm.But we thought there were
still some dishes that you should be able
to get at the ballgame
but you can’t. And that’s why
it’s time for… ( chuckles ) So we’re gonna
be exclusively using ingredients that you
can get at the ballpark to make food that you probably
cannot find at the ballpark. – No, you cannot.
– Let’s get to it.( music plays )If you go to
a “footie” game in England, you’re gonna get yourself
a meat pie. But you can’t get that – at a ballpark
here in America.
– Nope. Turns out we just weren’t
looking hard enough. This is the
‘Merican Meat Pie. – Yeah.
– All right, first thing
you’re gonna want to do is get yourself
a hot pretzel. – Woman: Pretzels!
– Oh, yeah, over here. – Woman: Get your
pretzels here.
– We need a pretzel. Woman:
Hey, batter, swing. Okay. – But, uh… we’ll take–
– Pretzels? Yeah, we would like
one pretzel. We do not have
any cash, though. – Or a card.
– Uh, okay. Well, I guess–
I’m not supposed to do
transaction scenes, but, uh, I’ll make
an exception for you two. – We’ll take this one.
– Oh, you’re just gonna
take it. Okay. Name’s Dottie Hinson,
after “A League of Their Own.” Thank you.
Thank you, Dottie. Okay, you’re
gonna take this. We’re gonna do
what we call
the rip ‘n’ dip. Link, I want you
to rip up that pretzel and just place it
right into that beer, You’re gonna get,
just, you know, about
a third of a glass of beer. And the you’re gonna
let this congeal and sit
for a few innings. And then you’re
gonna end up– – yeah, you can skip
ahead to that.
– Yeah. This is what’s
gonna end up happening
after a few innings. You’re gonna have
this congealed bread. It looks a little nasty,
but, trust us, this is the beginning
of a meat pie. Now you’re gonna take
the glove that you brought
to catch foul balls. You’ve got to have
one of those. Of course. Got it. Oh, you look
so ready to catch. You’re gonna take
about half of that and make the bottom half
of the meat pie, just right here
in the webbing here. Just take it
and just flatten it out
as flat as you can get it. – Oh, gosh.
– This is better
than watching the game. – Really?
You don’t like baseball?
– Yeah, I love to get my hands really mushy in a mitt. ( sniffs ) Okay, now,
you’re going to get a bratwurst, a chili dog,
and a hamburger. This is gonna be the insides
of the meat pie. You want to take the meat
from each one of these things and begin to chop it up. So just take that chili dog
and start chopping it up. Again, people are gonna
look at you like,
“What’s that guy doing?” – But then when…
– “He’s up to something.” …you break
out this meat pie, they’re all gonna be jealous.
You just wait. So just chop that
into some very small pieces. Oh, yeah, give me that–
gimme that burger. And you can get the ham
from the hamburger. Plastic knife.
I’m allowed to use these. Oh, that’s not
easy to chop. But, I mean, again,
you got plenty of time because you’re
at a baseball game. Right, there’s
a lot of breaks. Now, again, we’re gonna
fast forward a little bit. Link, this is what
you’re gonna end up with
at the end of that. We don’t need this. And I’m going to take
some mustard… Look at that. Magic. …and just mix
some mustard in there. This is a–
this is a ballpark thing, so you’ve got
to have some mustard. And some barbecue sauce, – because why the heck not?
– Yeah. And then mix
all that together. There’s some potential here. Now, take that,
as much as you think you can fit
into your meat pie, Okay, there it is. Right there,
I’m just gonna– I’m making you
a little meat pie top
over here. Oh, this is beautiful. – See, look, now…
– Smells great. …smoosh the meat pie top
right on that. And then smoosh it down. – Yes.
– Oh, yeah. – It’s just like a baseball.
– That’s so much better
than a foul ball. And then,
you know what? I’ma pull this out. Oh, gosh.
It’s a little damp. I think we might
just be able to eat it
right from the glove. – Well, true pie-dom is just
being able to hold it…
– Don’t you think? …and bite it. Okay, we’ve achieved
pie-dom. All right,
let me take a bite. Now, you’re gonna
want to share it
with your buddy. I think your buddy’s gonna
have to keep it in his hands while you eat from it. You don’t want
to touch it, do you? Oh, no,
I’m excited about this. Now, don’t
bite my finger. I’m not gonna
bite your finger. Are you touching it
or are you not touching it? Mm. Mm. – Oh.
– Let me get some of that. Take me out
to the ball game. – Mm.
– Man. Can I come with? Wow, so many
great flavors… – Yep, a lot of memories
we’re gonna make…
– …attacking my mouth. …eating these meat pies
at the ballpark. I hope this thing
goes into extra innings.( music plays )Now, of course, baseball
is America’s pastime, but we feel like the South
is underrepresented when it comes
to their concessions. That’s why we want
to infuse the ballpark with some Southern comfort with Grandstand
Grits ‘n’ Gravy. – All right.
– To start this off, – you gotta start
with popcorn.
– Okay. Popcorn, here!
Get your popcorn! Uh, we’ll take a popcorn. Aw, cool, man. – How much is this?
– Put it on the tab. Oh, it’s free.
I got fired last week.
I’m just hanging out. That is so convenient.
Thank you. And, of course,
you’ve already eaten your ice cream
in your batter’s helmet. So you want
to take the popcorn,
put it down into that, and you’ve got
some hot water
that you’ve acquired. Maybe from making tea,
if you’re one
of those weirdoes that drinks tea
at the ballpark. So you’re gonna pour
a little of that
in there. Ooh! And then use
your signature, um, bat
that you purchased– Commemorative bat. Commemorative is the word
I was looking for. Start to mush that up. And while you do that, I’m gonna add some
coffee creamers. – There we go.
– Oh, beautiful. All right,
so you mush that up, and that’s what’s
gonna make your grits. If it starts to set up
a little bit, that’s totally fine,
’cause you’re gonna
use that time while you’re waiting
for it to set up to make
your red eye gravy. Now, red eye gravy
starts with some coffee. You can easily get that
at the ballpark, and you want to add
some pork grease, which is gonna come
from your bratwurst. Now, you’re gonna
want to drink most
of your coffee and just have a little bit
of coffee left. And then you’re gonna want
to squeeze the bratwurst. Ooh, that– it’s warm. Squeeze that–
squeeze that brat. Oh, there it is. – Real nice.
– Squeeze some grease. – And you’re
also gonna take…
– There it goes. That’s pleasant
for everybody involved. – …some barbecue sauce.
– Including the bratwurst. Oh, gosh, wow.
You’re really greasing
your bratwurst. Yeah, and then
add some barbecue sauce
to really mix it up, and use a coffee stirrer
for that. And if you feel a little
self-conscious about keeping a dried
bratwurst around, you can tip
the popcorn guy with it. Popcorn guy!
Popcorn guy! – There he is.
– Popcorn guy. You know what?
I want you to have
this squeezed bratwurst. – Thanks, friend.
– Did it just for you, man. He’s always up
for anything. ( whispers )
He doesn’t work here. He doesn’t work here,
so he takes food like that. Oh, my goodness. Okay, so we’ve
got the gravy. – And now…
– And now we’ve got– …look how this
has set up. Look at them grits, boy! That’s nice, girl! And then you just
add a little bit of the red eye gravy… Yeah, girl. All right–
ooh, nice. – Okay.
– That’s good. You wanna mix it? Uh, yeah. Mix it in. Okay, and then… Now, of course,
these aren’t warm. They’re the temperature
of however it feels
at the ball game, which makes it
a beautiful thing. Well, the hot water
should help, if it hasn’t
set too long. I think it’s been out…
( sniffs ) …long enough. Mm. It tastes great. Um… – That sounded so–
– But… You sounded
so unsure of yourself. The smooshed kernels
require some– some mouth navigation. It is unusual how– I never thought
you could get such a gritty grittiness
from popcorn. Mm. But I like it. Gimme some more of that. Fill my helmet again. And you’re not gonna get
any weird looks.( music plays )Now, baseball’s thought of
as a summer game, but it starts in March
and ends in October. There are gonna be
some cold games
to get through! So we’ve decided
to create a soup
to warm you up. It’s called
the Make in your Mouth
Beer Cheese soup. Step one, get yourself
one of these beer helmets – from the gift shop.
– Check. And the you wait
for the beer vendor
to come by. Woman: Beer.
Got your beer here. – You got beer here?
– Yeah. Hey, boys.
You two again? – Yeah.
– Yeah, remember us? Yeah, of course.
They got budget cuts
at the ballpark, so I’m doing
this shift, too. – Okay.
– All right, enjoy. We still don’t
have money. – Thank you.
– No problem. – Okay, you’re also
gonna get yourself…
– I’m gonna take this off. some hot nacho cheese. Now, this is
very important that we do this
at the right time. Usually for the chips,
for the nachos. You’re gonna take
the nacho cheese, you put it in one side. And then you’re gonna
take the beer, and you’re gonna put it
in the other side. This can’t go well. Make sure they’re
properly balanced. Now, the beer’s
gonna come a lot faster. So, Link,
what you’re gonna do is take the beer side
and cork it. – Oh, cork it.
– With your thumb. And then you’re gonna
take the nacho cheese side – and insert it.
– Uh-huh. – Then you’re gonna take–
– I’m nervous! Put it in your mouth
and we’re gonna prime the cheese, okay? ‘Cause we want
the cheese and the beer to hit our mouths
at the same time for an amazing experience. I’m doing it. Here we go. Suck. Here it comes. – Mm-hmm.
– Okay, now put
the beer end in. – In the beer.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. And now, three,
two, one, suck. Both: Mm! Mm-mm. Did you suddenly forget
that you had open beer and cheese on your head? Because that’s
what it looks like. – No.
– You know what? I’m having an amazing
experience over here. All you gotta do is sip,
swish, and swallow.( music plays )We gotta get some dessert
up in this ballpark, and while ice cream helmets
and lemon freezes
are pretty tasty, we thought it was high time
to elevate the sweets you can get to something
like Impromptu Tiramisu. – Ooh, fancy-sounding.
– That layered
Italian delicacy. – It is Italian, right?
– Woman: That’s correct. – Oh, good, I knew something.
– It’s not really a delicacy. All right, you gotta
start off with some churros. Churros here!
Get your churros! – How convenient.
– Hot and fresh churros. You gotta take ’em quick. Security is looking for me.
It’s not good. All right, so we got
some churros here, Rhett. What you’re gonna do
is take your coffee–
I have it over here. And you’re gonna
want to dip the coffee– dip it in the coffee
to make it soggy, and then rip off
the soggy part to create
the first layer. So, like, make–
rip that apart ’cause you’re gonna
want to make the first layer
in the bottom there. A little bit more.
You know, you want
some soaked goodness. Use another empty beer cup
to smoosh it down. On top of that layer,
you want to add
some ice cream, which you also have there
in that helmet. Don’t get the whipped cream.
We’re saving that for later. So just throw in
a layer of– – Oh, you’re having
some trouble here?
– Oh! – Whipped cream’s for later.
– Whipped cream for later. Right now, all we want
is the ice cream. Mm-hmm. So you’re gonna want
to take that ice cream to make another layer. All right, so you’re
putting that in there. And then order
a Snickers. “Excuse me, I would
like a Snickers.” Oh, we’ve already
got one. And then
take a little knife and shave some
chocolate on there. Oh, yeah. Then you want to repeat
this again and again until you get
to the top of the thing. You’re doing a great job,
but I’ve already made one. Oh, thanks
for letting me know. So, we’re gonna
magically swap that out. Boom, there it is.
Now add your whipped
cream on top. – And the cherry.
– And you’ve got yourself some Tirama-swing-batter-
batter-batter. Okay, I’m going deep. – Taste it, man.
– Taste this. You want to get that
churro-chocolaty goodness. Everything
in one bite, no? – Did I cramp your style
a little bit?
– A teeny bit. – Oh, look at that.
– I’m used to it. Chocolate, churro,
ice cream. – Mm.
– We finally
got something right. It tastes exactly
like tiramisu. That’s weird. It’s very good. Wow. Man. It’s impromptu,
it’s tiramisu,
and it’s good for you. Uh-huh, now click through
to see a brand-new Sam Hunt music “vide-ooh,” written completely by
predictive textbot, too.Knock it out of the parkwith this “Be Your Mythical
Best” baseball t-shirt,

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