2 thoughts on “BASEBALL STARS 2 – 2 players versus gameplay!! Snk Neo Geo arcade (live commentary)

  1. Hey Alex and Arthur,

    Thank you for enlisting onto Atariage.com. and participating with your posting with Baseball Stars 2 on the Neo-Geo thread!

    I posted a warm welcoming introduction for you guys and were glad to see you be part of the many postings that we have here on the Neo-Geo thread and throughout Atariage.

    Thank you as always guys. Keep up the great work. 8^)


  2. Hey Alex and Arthur

    To help answer your question, I use Google Chrome to cut and paste others links from YouTube onto the Neo-Geo thread. I just simply highlight the link the video is on and posted on the thread. I tried using Internet Explorer, but it doesn't work for me. Try Chrome or Firefox instead to see if it works!

    Hope this helps guys!


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