Baseball Stretch & Warm Up Excercises | Baseball Drills| @ Dominican Baseball Academy

In this video we are going to demonstrate how to correctly stretch and warm up prior to the start of baseball practice – This takes up to 40 minutes and we spend 10 minutes per exercise First, we start with stretching the back of our legs and hamstrings. With your legs stretched apart, bend towards the ground with your back straight and reach down as far as you can until you touch your ankles Players should bend as low as possible towards the ground while not bending their knees or back Next, same position and motion but instead of touching your ankles place your hands in front and try to reach the ground. This exercise helps to stretch your back and hamstrings Next, reach now towards the back of your legs like this A requirement for players to sign professionally is that they pass a physical evaluation by MLB – these exercises are part of such physical exam Next, place your hands over your right knee. Players need to reach as far as they can towards the right foot while keeping the back straight Same motion and exercise but now to the left. Again, the key is to reach as far as you can over your right knee The purpose of this exercise to stretch your back and hamstrings Next, quickly, right to left one two right from the right to the left from the right to the left This particular exercise should last a minimum of 5-6 minutes and at least 30 seconds between the different excercises Next exercise, we continue to stretch our hamstrings by kneeling towards the right knee It’s important that players bend towards the ground as far as they can to get the full stretch on the hamstrings Now we step forward with our left leg the same thing 30 seconds come on, each 30 seconds you should feel your weight on your leg Next, we rotate between legs two, one two one Players must do this at least 15 times which should equal at least 30 seconds for this excercise Next, raise your right knee and wrap with your arms towards your chest This exercise helps with flexibility Players must do their best to raise their right knee as high as possible left leg right now Next, like the prior exercises, we now rotate between knees up and down continually This exercise helps to stretch your calf muscles Next, we switch to stretching the front of the legs – you always start with the right leg you are not so flexible, you need to work out your legs Next Exercise but now with one hand reach towards the ground and hold steady as long as you can If you don’t demonstrate flexibility and optimal physical conditioning it’s unlikely that you’ll pass the MLB physical evaluation Now switch and raise your left leg – we did the right now we have to do this exercise with the left leg ok, now change to your back the same way come on, change, but do it the same way yes, go down Next, jumping in place with both legs Now jumping jacks Next, jumping in place in the tip of your fee and arms flopping forward We continue stretching but now with greater focus on improving flexibility The duration of each exercise should be at least 30 seconds Let’ me demonstrate – we start always with the right leg – Right leg and then left leg like this Proceed until you reach the cone – after you reach the cone then proceed to go backwards until you reach the starting point As soon as each player returns to the starting point, the next players can start the exercise Next, similar exercise but now sideways sideways, sideways flexibility. Come on! right there Like the previous exercise, after you reach the cone, return to the starting point and then the next group of players can start three more players starting from the side come on, from the side It’s very important to stretch every day prior to practice – failure to do so increases the risk that baseball players will get injured during practice 30-40 minutes. every day; otherwise there is an extremely high probability of injury Come on, next one!

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