Baseball Swing Mechanics : How to Take a Full Baseball Swing

In the previous segments we’ve talked about
each of the individual aspects of hitting. We’ve talked about your feet, we’ve talked
about your hips, we’ve talked about your hands, your head, all that. What are we going to
do now, we’re going to put it all together. So as you can see here, I have the batters
box, I have a home plate, which is also represented by the tee. So, here we go, step in, make
sure my back foot is in a level position, make sure my feet are a little bit wider that
shoulder width apart. Still got good movement, here we go. Now, here’s where the timing comes
in, here’s where the head comes in. All these parts are starting to come together and you’re
going to create your total swing. So, it’s a little bit of feeling, it’s a little bit
of technique, it’s all of those put together, whatever works for you. Now, here we go. I’m
ready, this is before the swing. The pitcher’s getting ready, he’s starting to throw the
ball, there we go. Now the ball is coming, rotating, my hands through, Boom, there’s
my follow through. That is each of the individual parts of the swing kind of broken down, but
in a semi fluid motion. What we’re going to do now is just show you the entire swing.
How it’s supposed to look. Here we go, find a nice level point for my back foot, get my
plant foot ready, feet a little bit wider that shoulder width, here we go. Here comes
the pitcher, he’s in his wind up, ready, boom there we go. On balance, still ready to go
and that’s the whole swing.

49 thoughts on “Baseball Swing Mechanics : How to Take a Full Baseball Swing

  1. I've seen alot of bad baseball swings, that ranks right up there. If you want your kids to be ridin the pine their whole lives, show them that swing

  2. People grip it and rip it.
    Bagwell, Bonds, Babe Ruth, for God sake Tony Batista……What do they have in common? They played in the majors and all had a f-up batting stance and swing.
    Blend and adjust to you're own way which gives you the best results.

  3. Seems like everyone who commented this video is a professional swing coach. What teams are you guys swing coaching for? Any chances I could get some autographs? /sarcasm

  4. exactly, right to the point. all the weight is on his leg, like the ending of a golf swing. this is baseball buddy

  5. You people crack me the fuck up! All you fucking know-it-alls who THINK you know how to swing, but the majority of you are a bunch of shitheads who never got a chance to play "REAL" ball. This guy played real ball, and has a history of wins and credentials to back up his methods. So shut the fuck up you fucktards!

  6. thank u dude i played baseball for 3 years and i cant even hit the ball so i watch some of your videos and now it is all making sense now im gona work on my swing and ill see how i do in the major league thank you vary much

  7. @cockywatchman1976 you must be on a wind up mate! I watch both, I think you forgot these points- 1- baseball bat is twice the size. 2-you can add much more movement to a baseball 3 most importantly, if you just hit the ball as you would 99 percent of the time in cricket, you'd be out. You don't have 300 chances to leave balls you don't like. I would love to see a baseball team play a cricket team at both sports.

  8. @cockywatchman1976 You missed my point, hitting the ball is not enough, most hits are caught or thrown out. Also, the guys you went with sound pretty crap. Pitching machines are designed to be hit, and only throw fastballs. If you hit against a decent pitcher who put some movement on it (baseballs are lighter and DO have a seam), you would find it more difficult – If it was that easy . why don't cricketers like you play in the mlb for millions?!

  9. @cockywatchman1976 If you're not interested in the sport, what are you doing commenting on it! for attention? get a girlfriend pal.

  10. @cockywatchman1976 you've just proved my point- 'i'm not good enough to play the sport, but I can sit on my fat arse disrespecting the players who work hard in it' . You haven't got much of a life have you!

  11. cockywatchman u r easily the dumbest youtuber i have ever seen in my entire life. you deserve a trophy for that and then you should proceed to stick it down ur throat

  12. @thepainguyckol that is EXACTLY how any major league hitter looks at point of contact! stiff front leg, the "L" of the back leg, hands almost at full extension on contact, belly button facing the pitcher, and eyes on the ball. it's perfectly accurate.

  13. @StarJekker
    Why do you give a fuck? Learn how to create movement in the most effective way and your swing will look exactly like a major leaguer and you will maximize your power.

    You will not accomplish anything looking at the physical body in slow motion and trying to match your physical body to a professionals.

    First, mind is movement. Body is a symptom of movement.
    Second, force is transferred inside the body, not the outside.

    What you see in a swing is an effect, not a cause.

  14. @StarJekker
    More specifically,

    What you see in a swing is an effect of maximizing power, not a cause of maximizing power.

    You can look identical to a professional hitter and produce very little power compared to what you are capable of producing. Emulating mechanics has never developed an average athlete into a professional athlete, and I personally don't see it happening anytime soon.

    Learn how to create movement properly instead of copying side effects of power generation.

  15. @thepainguyckol
    Actually the best hitters produce movements in a very effective way. The best hitters often times look like high school and college hitters when swinging, yet they produce a hell of a lot more power and hit much more difficult pitches in much more difficult situations. This is not necessarily because there bigger, stronger, or more talented. They are producing movements in a more efficient manner.

    Could you clarify how movements are generated since you seem to be an expert?

  16. @TheRiversOwn
    Who gives a shit? Why should anybody care what they look like? This is nothing more than a side effect of the power created by movement. "Mind is movement, body is the manifestation of movement."

    You're looking at symptoms and act like they are the cause of the swing. How in the hell is what the parts of the body that can be seen by your eyes the cause of maximized power? Especially when power is transferred and directed in the inside of the body (Which we can't see)?

  17. @dht084 You're actually right, and I apologize. I certainly could've exercised better judgment and used more appropriate English to get my point across. But if your LL Team is offended by a few "F-bombs", batting tips are the last thing they need!

  18. i have a problem when im batting and it is every time i swing i step towards third base instead of the pitcher so can you please tell me how to correct this problem

  19. hey jumpman, this is to teach kids, there are a lot of different ways you can hit, there is no complete right or wrong, so chill out dont be so harsh!

  20. With your weight shifted back like that in a ready stance, your going to drop your right shoulder and pop everything straight up. Also your hips shouldn't come first like that, it makes you pull your head out before you get a chance to hit the ball. I wouldn't follow this of I where any of you

  21. I don't wanna start fights and I'm sure this guy is at least an ok player but he holds the bat in his palms and he doesn't drive with his back foot at all. Squishing the bug is the biggest misconception that coaches teach young players everywhere. Look at a swing analysis of almost any good major league hitters, their back foot will either be on its toes or even slightly off the ground

  22. I think a lot of you are missing the point here. He's not saying "You have to do it exactly the way I do". He's giving the basic mechanics to teach beginner players (kids) how to work through a swing. Everybody develops their own style over time, but when they first start out, kids don't just naturally hold a bat right, and most of them spin their front foot out, or line up with their feet in weird positions. He's trying to help out youth players, you're being internet critics.

  23. @Joseph McRae you're probably "stepping in the bucket" this term is used to describe how one's load is not in proper position when in the swinging motion. Many young players will step out of line with the pitcher thus causing foul balls instead of a fair ball. You need to step toward the pitcher, and put most of your weight on your back foot. This creates power, i usually suggest about 4060 ratio when loading. If you do this, you should be fine; the rest is all mental. I think too many guys think too much instead of just letting it fly. When the pitcher is in his windup, the only thing that should be going through your mind as a hitter is, hit the ball, it's that simple.

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