Baseball Swing Mechanics : How to Time a Pitched Baseball

Now we’re going to talk about timing. Now
when it comes to hitting, timing has two separate aspects. The first aspect is, your timing
in getting prepared to, to make your swing. So, if the pitcher is say, like I’ve talked
about before, if the pitcher is just sitting there, he hasn’t started his wind up yet and
you’re already ready to go, you’re going to tire yourself out, you’re going to start to
get long in your swing, it’s not going to work. So the first part of timing is, knowing
when to be ready as the pitch is coming to you. Typically, what you want to do is, basically,
have your plant foot down and have your trigger ready as he comes down, as his front foot
plants and he comes down through. That will give you enough time to see the ball and react.
The second part we’re going to talk about is, timing as far as, actually hitting the
baseball. Now you need, as we’ve talked about, you need to be able to see the ball and to
know where it’s at and be able to pick up what kind of a pitch it is, things like that.
So, if I swing and the ball is just out of his hand, obviously, it’s going to come after
me. If I swing after it’s already by me, it doesn’t do me any good if I’m swinging at
a ball that is already in the catcher’s mitt. So, you need to figure it out. Say okay, my
swing is this fast, so I need to swing at this pitch at this time and it all comes from
practice. Hitting more balls and hitting more balls and hitting more balls, you become more
comfortable and timing works out for you easy. So now, pitcher is in his stance, he’s in
the wind up, there we go, he gets started, boom, pitch is coming, there we go. That’s
timing in hitting.

22 thoughts on “Baseball Swing Mechanics : How to Time a Pitched Baseball

  1. @persinator2003
    The same thing goes with almost all high school and college athletes. Same thing with amateur athletes.

    Go ask an S-Class elite hitter one day (If you get the chance) what makes them the best in the world and they won't be able to tell you. They might say mechanics or whatever, but that's what all hitters seem to work on..but most hitters don't make it. Thus, modern mechanical training isn't the answer. They were also likely elite hitters before even stumbling upon mechanics.

  2. @persinator2003
    Its not mechanics that produces an elite hitter, its how movement is created. Not what movement appears to be to sight.

  3. @guitar1884
    Congratulations at looking at his swing and telling him what doesn't look right. You have in no way addressed how this movement should be produced in order to maximize power. You discussed nothing about how the mind functions, nor did you address mind is movement, body is the manifestation of movement.

    Please, why don't you retry your post since you seem so aware and explain to everyone how movement should be produced to make a swing that looks exactly like an elite MLB hitter.

  4. @persinator2003 No, not really. In a sense, yes, your correct, and I understand what you're saying and what you're getting at. It's more like no matter what they do to stride, load, etc, they all come to the same point before their swing.

  5. @guitar1884 good luck with that ok it's every kids dream but braggers don't make it to the bigs…. If any one lives in Indy go to roundtrippers baseball academy they teach u everything about hitting pitching etc. And everyone that works there plays professional ball

  6. funny how Americans can speak about a dream of every kid… In Europe we're not saying everyone wants to become a professional footballer as wel.. There hundreds of sports. BTW, maybe you don't want to become a sporter?

  7. Hello my son is 8 and half years old. He is long and strong with a good eye but has a wide swing with holes in it. Any advice? also is he too young for the load/step(leg kick) mechanism or is that he should be starting?

  8. Well that was helpful????? Best comment…."you got to figure it out" Really?¬† It is that simple.¬† Now, I think I understand.

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