Baseball team’s unique giveaway: $2 bills! Fun promotion in milb features the 2 dollar bill

Hey y’all, it’s $2 bill appreciation night here at the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Grounds. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are the AA affiliate of the Miami Marlins, they’re a minor league baseball team playing the Chattanooga Lookouts, and the first 500 fans are going away with a $2 bill tonight. “Enjoy the game tonight!” “And you got 2 dollars for coming out tonight!” Haven’t seen the $2 bill in long time. Thank you. Wooo! 2 bucks! We look for the outside of the box, what’s gonna get people talking. In researching odd stuff for this year, It was, okay. Some people don’t even think a $2 bill’s real Let’s just do a $2 bill appreciation night and celebrate the fact that half the people here probably have never seen one or don’t even think that it’s legitimate currency “I totally thought that they didn’t make these anymore!” Two dollar bill trivia, prizes, games – just celebrating the out of the box. It’s really important for us to do fun promotions like this to get people excited to come out to games and we thought this’ll be really fun. It’s different it’s unique. Nobody’s done this in minor league baseball So, thought it could be really cool for the Jumbo Shrimp to do it. “Oh my God, that’s so awesome!” Our ticket prices start at five dollars and we pride ourselves on offering a two dollar hot dog at every game. So hopefully those $2 bills make their way right back to our concession stands tonight. I think it’ll be a mix of both – some people spending, some people keeping. I think some people are like wow, I get an extra $2.00? Maybe I can save that for the next Jumbo Shrimp game I go to. Some people think, alright I got a free hot dog out of this. So you get a combination of both. Hey get your $2 bill here! So for every promo that we do on the field the prize is gonna be a $2 bill as well, so that helps out for the fans who didn’t make it here on time. If they’ve already gotten their $2 bill they’re taking home TWO $2 bills! “You are both going home with $2 bills! For $2 bill appreciation night.” We’ve actually got a really cool thing – John who does the $2 bill documentary is here. He’s kind of interacting with fans and showing them all these historic bills and stuff like that. So that’s something really cool that you could physically see and touch which is really fun here at the ballpark. And he’ll be throwing out the first pitch as well. So obviously he’ll have his arm ready. Maybe 50 people are coming out here that are actual baseball fans and following and know who the prospects are, but when we have, you know, anywhere from two to ten thousand people in the seats, we’re an outdoor party. We like to say, if you leave the baseball game and you had no idea what the score was, we did our job. So, we look at the game as kind of secondary and whatever carnival or promotion we can throw is the primary. “We are all about the $2 bill!” “Wooo! Let’s go Shrimp!!”

21 thoughts on “Baseball team’s unique giveaway: $2 bills! Fun promotion in milb features the 2 dollar bill

  1. You should do an undercover video where you go into places late at night with a silver eagle and see if they will accept it. Technically it is currency valued at $1 they are legal tender. However it costs about $17 due to silver content so it would be an expensive video. But it still would be cool to see someone try to spend silver eagles

  2. I got a question why are 2 dollar bills bad luck in the USA. I am from Canada and I am a coin and bill collector.

  3. That’s so funny!! I have not seen $2 bills in forever! We went to a minor league game this week! Here’s our vlog

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