Baseball Tee Drills – Hitting Drills you can do with a batting tee

Hey what’s going on guys? Today I want to
talk about some baseball tee drills. So really any baseball tee drills that you can do off
of a tee here this is great because you can do these by yourself you don’t really need
anyone if you’ve got a tee then you’re good to go. So the first baseball tee drill that
I really like is going to be the high tee. If you’re see can’t go all the way up you
might have to put it depending on how tall you are you might have to put a bucket beneath
it. I like to set this ball up just right around nipple level or maybe a tiny bit lower
and all you’re going to work on, on this drill is trying to hit line drive you don’t want
to get the barrel on top of this ball and like tomma hawk it, chop it down instead what
you want to do is let your front elbow lead you up there and get your hands above that
ball and try to hit a nice line drive through the baseball. So this is the high tee drill
right here just working on line drives right up the middle or opposite field or even inside
but that’s what you’re trying to work on getting that front elbow up hands through the ball
nice line drive. This second baseball tee drill that you can
do is going to be the basketball drill or for today’s sake; the soccer ball drill
all you’re going to do is put your soccer ball up if your soccer ball doesn’t stay on
your tee well which sometimes it doesn’t if you have one of those old rubber tees you
can take a plunger stick the plunger upside down now you’ve got a nice base to put your
soccer ball or your basketball on top of. You can see the wind is already blowing this
ball off a little bit. So that would be optimal if you have that but as you can see it still
kind of works if you don’t have a windy day, if you’re in your garage or basement or
something you can do the soccer ball drill with a tee by yourself. So let me try to hit
this before the wind knocks it over. You’re just going to try to hit this ball right up
the middle – ohh it started falling off but you get that idea. The main thing with this
drill is that you’re staying inside the ball and really trying to drive through it because
when you hit it you’re going to feel a recoil in your hands it’s not like a baseball you’re
going to have a little bit of a recoil and you really have to drive through that ball
when you’re hitting it’s. So that’s another one of the great baseball tee drills.
The next baseball tee drill that I really like is going to be the front leg post drill
also known as the Flamingo drill or I call it the Flamingo drill. All you’re going to
do is get set up, nice tee height and what you’re going to do is really get a good leg
drive into the pitch have a good body angle but then you’re going to hit into your front
leg and actually bring this back leg up and over so you’re going to be finishing boom
right like this, driving that back knee forward but still hitting into the front leg so when
I finish I’m still getting my weight pushed back and landing backwards but I want a split
second where my knee is coming forward and I’m kind of leaning hanging up there for a
minute as I do it. Let me show you one right here; this is the front leg post drill or
a.k.a. in the Flamingo drill. Alright! Another one of the baseball tee drills and
this is probably one of my favorite is the Barry Larkin drill. This one you do need a
partner for so I kind of lied in the beginning of this video but you also need a tee that’s
why it’s in the baseball tee drills video. All we’re going to do in this video is we
can either do back toss with our partner our front toss or 3:57 but were going to take
this tee and set it up on the outside parts of the plate. So it’s going to be an outside
strike not too high not too low maybe just above the knees right here and what we’re
going to do is get set up in our normal position have or coach pitching inside balls to us
and were going to be hitting these inside balls up the middle or pull side. Now I should
not hit this ball if I get a good inside pitchevery once in a while your coach will throw it out
and you might hit both balls but that’s okay that’s coaches fault but if the coach is throwing
good inside pitches you should not hit this ball while you’re swinging. Now here’s the
tricky part if your coach goes to throw it and then doesn’t throw it he gives you a fake
– a deek; you want to go from your stride oh he didn’t throw it to hitting this ball
to the opposite field. Now here’s the tricky part you don’t want to have too much of a
pause so you don’t want to go; stride up, nope he didn’t throw it down here and then
try to go again.You only get one stride and you should try to keep your momentum going
the whole time. So it should look like this you take that split second to transfer your
eyes and then you’re swing goes. So you’re here- oh coach didn’t throw it, swing, boom
opposite feel line drive opposite field. Sorry cameramen didn’t mean to scare you there.
Come on over to the next baseball tee drills and this is the last one this is called the
fence drill. The new and improved fence drill because the old fence drill everyone knows
when you put the bat up against your belly and the fence and then you’re just swinging
and trying not to hit that fence but for this video since this is the baseball tee drills
video were adding two tees into this drill. You can use one tee or two tees but you need
at least one. What you’re going to do is you’re going to set the ball up of this tee about
4 to 6 inches off the fence here obviously you’re trying not to cast your hands and get
outside of this ball and get around it your trying to stay short to it, long through it
and hit a line drive straight down the fence. Now if you want to add in the second tee you
could put it back here about 3 feet away so that for guys who get too long in the back
if they get long back here they’re going to hit this tee. So you don’t want to hit this
tee or the fence and your goal is to hit this ball line drive straight up the middle. So
let’s see if we can make that happen right here. The new fence drill. Not bad, not as
good as my first one today but I’ll take it. Up the middle then hit this tee; didn’t hit
the fence and hit that ball pretty much straight I would’ve preferred the line drive but I’ll
take that all day long and that’s what you’re working on in that drill.
Guys I hope you like this baseball tee drills video. If you want more baseball hitting drills
I got a ton more over 30 more I’d love to share with you just click the link below and
I’ll get those to you. I hope to see you in the next video. Please if you like this video
please share it. Thanks guys I’ll talk to you soon.

19 thoughts on “Baseball Tee Drills – Hitting Drills you can do with a batting tee

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  4. Your videos help me as a coach of 8U kids, to teach them to correct way to hit. I appreciate the advice and the insider tips.

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  8. Hey Madden! I'm a fan of your videos. One question brother: what's the purpose of the flamingos drill, wouldn't this drill create bad memory? In other words, you are supposed to stay back on your back foot and explode using your hips. What's productive about raising your back foot like that? Gracias

  9. I never knew that backside tee drill with BP was called the Barry Larkin drill. Now I can stop calling it the backside tee drill with BP!

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