Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Become a Pro Baseball Player

The questions asked how to become a professional
baseball player. Well that’s a wide ranging answer for that question, or there is a wide
ranging area but first, you have to become a proficient baseball player in several different
areas. Number one you have to have a strong throwing arm. Accurate and strong throwing
arm. You need to have foot speed. You should be able to run the sixty yard dash in something
around seven as a maximum. You also need to be able to hit with power and hit with a consistency
and also be able to be a proficient fielder. Once you are proficient in all of those areas,
it becomes necessary for you to be in a position where a professional scout can see you and
then either draft you in a professional draft, or sign you as a free agent. That could be
done by attending various professional try outs or getting on a high profile summer team,
high school team or play college baseball and be seen as a college baseball player at
one of their different scout show days or one of their games. So go to work hard, get
in the work out room, get your physical attributes up to speed as it relates to professional
player. Get into position where you can be seen by professional scouts whether it be
a professional try out, a college team or a high profile high school or summer team.
And perhaps you’ll be seen and get the opportunity to sign and become a professional baseball
player. And in short that’s how you become a professional baseball player.

28 thoughts on “Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Become a Pro Baseball Player

  1. He's mostly right, but these aren't like requirements; maybe if you want to be a base stealer you should have a 60 yd dash in 7 seconds, but if you could run it in 8 or even 9, that's probably fine, especially depending on your position, & if your mental game makes up for your lack of athleticism.

    90% of being a successful ball player is mental. Baseball is like no other sport. Your athletic ability can't make up for mental mistakes. Effort, attitude, and awareness give you the best shot.

  2. example? Big fat, first baseman for USC a few years back, he was probably, 6 '1, 6 '2, about 250 pounds. He led the team in first to third on base hits, and stolen bases. Why? His mental capabilities & his awareness made up for his speed. He made pitchers look stupid with his jumps, because he was such a great baserunner; he knew how to hit and run and how to round second, ect.

    Baserunning is a HUGE part of being successful, because it can get you that one extra base, which might count.

  3. I could do all of that and I still didn't get signed. Im 31 and I am still feelin awful young and I play all the time. Give some contact numbers, thanks!

  4. im 12 and i can throw 60 – 70 on radar and im accurate do u think in the future i might have a chance of being a pro pitcher i dont really play just one position but mostly pitcher 2nd or shortstop

  5. i don't believe either of those two, below me. No 15 year old can really pitch 95, and 70 for a twelve year old? thats ridiculous

  6. I wanna know why these 12-15 years olds who throw 95 arent in the news, or on independant minor league teams. If they really are as good as they say they are shouldnt they be? Im 16 I throw 73 at the fastest with a good change and decent slider,I hit .465 my sophomore year, and am projected to start at 3rd on varsity next year. That all true, nothing unbelieveably special and I dont have to lie about anything. Portray your stats as they are, not what you wish they were.

  7. I'm 25 years old. I hit .750 in my company softball league and was clocked throwing a fastball at 97 mph. If any pro scouts are reading this and are interested in taking a chance on me please contact [email protected] Thank you very much.

  8. thebestthingyoungbaseballplayerscandois stretch befor any profuse physicl activity, t right, get plenty of rest & excersize, run, lift weights withought straining yourself to possably hurt yourself in the future, Throw at least 20 baseballs a day but not too many to hurt your developing arm, last but surly not least play baseball with working on every aspect of the game and love the sport and if you have the right skills and mentality we may sumday be stars. hey someones gotta fill the roster:)

  9. incredible the BS stories people are telling here about how they throw this and hit that. I'll be honest. I'm 15 years old, throw around 65, and have an average curveball. At catcher, I throw out 50 percent of runners (that's what I am good at). I hit about .220 with 2 home runs, in about 50 ABs, 60 plate appearances.

  10. ohh me im a kid 10 years old im an ace my average on pitch is 75miles per hour and my batting average is 43.5, im not good in batting

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