Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Catch a Baseball

The question’s asked: how to catch a baseball.
Well, there’s several techniques that’ll make you more proficient in catching a baseball.
First of all, we want to make sure that we get the glove in line with the plane of the
ball so the ball strikes the glove that we’re trying to catch it in, and catch it in the
pocket as much as possible because that’ll keep us from muffing the ball or fumbling
the ball. Secondly, if the ball is above our waist, we want to catch it in this…basically,
this position. If the ball is below our waist, basically, we want to catch it in the underhand
type position. Now, I highly recommend, especially for you younger players, to use two hands.
So when the ball comes in to us below our waist, we’re going to catch the ball and cover
it with this hand. If we’re going to catch it above our waist here, we’re going to cover
the ball with this hand. That’ll help us to…if we don’t catch it directly in the pocket the
first time, it tends to rattle around in the glove, we don’t drop the ball or muff the
ball and fail to make the catch that we want to. Also, when we’re catching a ground ball,
we want to get the glove in contact with the ground, and we…I like to use the term ‘work
from the ground up’. The ball is coming at you from the ground, takes various hops, has
a tendency…those hops has a tendency to be very random in nature, so make sure that
your glove is on the ground so when the ball comes to you, you come up to catch the ball
rather than trying to go down, which makes a tendency for you to muff the ball again.
Try to reach out, get your lower side…your hiney parallel with the ground, reach out
to catch the ball, so it gives your arms freedom to move if the ball changes directions slightly.
But basically, again, if you remember to catch the ball underhand below your waist, in this
position above your waist, cover the ball after you catch it, you’ll catch most of those
balls. And the more you practice, the better you’ll get. And that’s how you catch a baseball.

32 thoughts on “Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Catch a Baseball

  1. ive been trying to catch baseballs for years but now that ive seen this video ive never made a single error in a MLB game! Thanks!

  2. Thanks man I'm a pitcher who's good but I haven't bin getting a lot of play time and I knew y it was I couldn't catch (most of the time) but thanks to this video I'm gonna use all the tricks u mentioned hoping for coach to give play time. Thanks man!

  3. No if the batter hits a grounder you always have to get in in front of the ball not from your sides that's what my coach says to do

  4. Terrific breakdown of the basics–aspects of catching that are obvious to seasoned players but can't be stressed enough for beginners like me. Thank you!

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