Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Improve Bat Speed in Baseball

The question was asked, how to create a bat
speed in hitting. Well one of the things we need to do then to make sure that we have
the strongest body possible, so we need to get in the workout room and work on our body
to make sure that we have all the strength that we can muster with the body that the
good Lords given us. The other thing that we need to do is be able to use our entire
body during the swing. That creates more velocity in the bat, and also creates more force. The
force and the velocity combined makes the ball go further. There’s several things to
note when we consider batting speed, and that’s the use of our core section and the lower
part of our body. One of the things we’re going to need through the swing, is balance.
To create that balance we need the nice triangle that keeps the knees inside our feet throughout
the swing. The knees need to stay in this position inside our feet. The other thing
that we need to do is to make sure that we use our hips and our legs to get through the
swing before the bat gets there, because that helps with bat velocity. To do that we’re
going to take a toe touch, and once the heel is planted, this back knee is going to start
to turn. As the bat knee turns it’s still ahead of the bat, and as we start the bat
to the ball it’s going to be we’re going to be completely rotated by the time we get the
knob to the ball in a position of bat lag. We need to have this back foot perpendicular
with the ground on our toe, this front side firm and straight with our front knee, and
this back knee bent in the knee behind knee position. This extra use of our lower body
and core section will help us with our bat velocity, our bat speed. So make sure that
you use your lower half and your core section throughout your swing, and you get in the
appropriate sequence. But we’re basically going to go, we’re going to take a negative
move to gain some momentum, we’re going to make a toe touch, heel plant, bat lag, contact,
palm up palm down, with our arms still slightly flexed, throw the bat to position of extension,
about chest high, and finish above our shoulder. The lower the pitch, the higher we’re going
to finish, the higher the pitch, the lower we’re going to finish. But make sure that
when you’re trying to create bat speed, that you make sure that you use your lower section
of your body to create extra force and extra bat speed. The combined use of your entire
body, especially getting this back knee turned and your back hip through, will create more
bat velocity. And that’s how you create more bat speed in hitting.

63 thoughts on “Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Improve Bat Speed in Baseball

  1. Your hips are already open before you start swinging, that takes away your power. And when you don't use your top hand and bring it over your going to pop everything up

  2. I was going to comment on how to hit the ball harder when I realized that I don't care to try to convince anyone of a method that would help them achieve something meaningless.

    Oh what the hell, the chain of muscle and bone from bat to ground should be highly rigid at the moment of contact. Flame or don't. Try it or don't. If you do it right it'll feel like you've run full tilt into a wall. The painful force you feel surge through you upon impact is equal to the force going into the ball.

  3. keep playing your xbox, because nobody cares about what a loser like you has to say. Yes, we all know you are an awesome dude behind the keyboard, but in reality, you wish you could sniff the jocks of these so called queer bags. By the way, Jedi Mind Tricks are only fantasy, so before you get really pissed off and try one of your mind tricks on a baseball player, consider the fact that they are experts at focusing all their power at the moment of impact!

  4. I'd love to meet you someday so i could whip out my baseball bat and beat the life out of your dumb bitch self.

  5. If you use the swing he is ATTEMPTING to teach, then the batter will have no power and will not be able to reach the outside corner because his front shoulder is flying open. also his weight is on the front foot of his swing, causing a lack of balance and making the batter lunge at the ball, so if you were to make contact with the ball you would hit a routine ground ball or a week pop-up.

  6. This exactly the correct way to swing. No one else on YouTube has posted anything close to this. If you are a non-believer, watch MLB players at contact and you will see this exactly how they swing. I played D-1 baseball in Louisiana, coach college and I am currently a hitting instructor in Las Vegas.

  7. not rly, wen you swing you dont want to "fold over your back leg like in 1:45. thats wrong! dead wrong, you want the ball of your foot on the ground and only the heal to half way through the arch of your foot off the ground

  8. I know this comment has nothing to do with batting, but i've having trouble deciding between two gloves. A Nokona Black Shadow or a Miken Elite Player

    Which is better???

  9. Excellent job and discription. my son had somthing click while watching and understands now.Thank you fror posting the correct way to swing…..

  10. im not gonna lie but i dont do any baseball apart from in school and with the fastest bowler in school i hit 5 home runs from 5 balls im not bragging or anything but i think i am natuarly talented

  11. @JBud22222 And Take it from me then you werent a power hitter. hahahhahah 25 HR is almost 5 years of baseball? Im assuming you were just a SS or a 2nd basemen and never reached higher then 5'8 when in High School?

  12. 95% of all teens would go into a panic if Miley Cyrus was on a 100 foot building about to jump. copy and paste if you are the 5% who yelled "jump bitch"

  13. lol 'get to the weight room.' it certainly will help but you don't need to do that. ken griffey wasn't the strongest guy out there. back to back seasons with 56 homers. when you get the mechanics down and your swing smooth, that ball will sail.

  14. @Bigslugga12 wow FAIL i bet you can't get a single if the pitcher TOSSED you the ball, GTFO youtube and go brag to your mother 😛

  15. @TheManOfBlues Griffey had an enormous amount of natural talent. He was against hitting the weights, but he also fell off hard at the end of his career. For 99% of the people out there, hitting the weights and working hard is going to be what's required because athletes like Griffey are sparsely scattered across a generation.

  16. Yes u do want bat lang because the correct swing involves throwing the knob of the bat to the baseball which causes bat lag.. if are throwing the barrel to the ball that is wat causes extension

  17. man thank you it helped me a lot to send the ball to an other galaxy! you made my first home run professional!
    RESPECT from Greece… 🙂

  18. He just misworded it. You want the head of the back to trail behind your hands, but not lag. He meant the right thing

  19. what he means is that you don't want your back foot flat on the ground when you pivot… that why when you squish the bug only your toes should be on the ground, not your heel and toes

  20. umm you want to have your weight back until your about to make contact then you use the muscles in your legs to get more power.

  21. Yes, the bat does follow the body. In addition, knuckles lined up….yes, but you want a good wide stance. Unless your teaching the old step technique? The new technique encourages the wide stance without the timing mechanism of the step or any movement of the front foot. More power without throwing the timing of the swing off.

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