Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Play Baseball

The question is asked, how to play baseball?
Well that’s a very wide question, and we could talk for days on how to play baseball because
there’s some intricacies of the game itself. But in short let’s explain it this way. There
are nine players, nine on defense, nine on offense. On offense the nine players must
bat in the same batting order each and every time. So if you occupy the first place in
the batting order, each time you come to bat you would bat after the ninth place hitter.
On defense we have nine players. On the pitcher’s mound, directly behind me, we have the pitcher.
The pitcher’s the guy that puts the ball in play by throwing the ball to the catcher.
The catcher is placed behind home plate and is the only person that plays in foul territory.
He’s usually in the squatting position to receive the ball into the strike zone which
we’ll talk about in a moment. The other players are located two on the right side of the infield
or the dirt area, one at first, one at second, they’re called the first basemen and second
basemen respectively. And two more players on the left side of the infield, a shortstop
which plays near second base, and the third basemen who plays near third base. The other
three players are the left fielder, the center fielder, and the right fielder. All of these
players play on defense until three outs are recorded. Outs are recorded, in this fashion.
The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher. The strike zone is an imaginary zone that’s
a rectangle. The outside part of the rectangle is the outside part of the plate, the inside
part is the inside part of the plate which is basically eighteen inches wide. The top
of the strike zone is basically the chest of the batter, and the lower part of the zone
is basically the knees batter, so everything that passes in this rectangle would be recorded
as the strike if the umpire deems it to be in that zone. Each batter gets three strikes
and then if he doesn’t put the ball in play, he’s declared out, whether he takes the ball
or whether he swings at the ball. An out is recorded, you get three swings per batter,
there’s also something called a ball. If the pitcher fails to throw the ball in that strike
zone rectangle it’s recorded as a ball and that’s at the umpire’s discretion. Once four
balls are recorded, the batter is awarded first base on a base on balls, so he goes
unimpeded and unchallenged to first base. Each offensive team gets three outs, outs
can be recorded by strike outs as we’ve described, or by balls that caught in the air by a defensive
player, or if a defensive player catches a ball that has struck the ground, if he throws
it to the base, the guy is going to, and it’s a force play where the guy has to run to that
base, and the first case here being first, then that is an out. If the ball beats the
runner to the base, and the first basement is in contact with the base when he catches
the ball, then that’s recorded as an out. Each offensive team gets three outs before
they are – they’re half of the inning over. Once three outs are recorded the defensive
team now becomes the offensive team and the offensive team takes the field, and that’s
called an inning. Each team – or each game is nine innings, and as long as the score
is not tied, the team with the most runs at the end of nine innings is declared the winner
of the game. Should the game be tied, then they play extra innings until one team is
one run in front of the other team and therefore is rewarded the game as the winning team.
And basically and in short, that’s how you play the game of baseball.

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  2. i dont need tips im good but i probably suck at baseball becouse i live in finland and we have that other baseball version not the american 😀

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    I never had any experience of playing baseball.
    But my mom is putting me in and I have games every week..
    Dear lord wish me luck
    (Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love baseball, I’m just not good 😂)

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