Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Baseball

The question is asked, how to pitch or throw
a baseball? Basically, when you attempt to throw a baseball, you want to have the ball
in the glove and your hands together, you’re going to step directly towards the target
with your left foot if you’re right handed, right, straight at your target. The toe is
more or less pointed at the target. You’re going to separate your hands to a point where
at that your elbows are about even with your shoulders with the palms out. That’s very
important. You don’t want palms up or palms in, you want palms out. We don’t want palms
up or palms in, but palms out. As you attempt to throw the baseball towards your target,
you will pull with your left side in the glove, and throw the ball in a manner so that you
lead with your elbow to your target, and make sure that you follow through. Follow through
means the hand is going to go, if your a position player or an outfielder, probably somewhere
in the knee area. If you’re a pitcher, it may even be lower than that to get a more,
a better and more effective follow through. But basically, point your, step towards your
target with your toe pointed towards your target, separate your hands, pull with your
left side, tuck the glove and throw the baseball overhand towards your target. And that’s how
you pitch or throw a baseball.

33 thoughts on “Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Baseball

  1. No, idiots, you do it how this coach shows you in the video. Extend your arm first, and you kill your shoulder socket. Don't comment if you don't wtf you are doing.

    You want to put the stress on muscles, not bones. Muscles heal and grow. Bones do not. This video is the right way.

  2. @Ajmasterb12 because my parents since i was little they always told me not to eat too much salt it kinda messes your brain up

  3. this is ok for beginners – again i stress everyone is different- find your own method and what works best for you dont be mainstreamed or cookie cut by anyone.

  4. Can someone help me here , my arm is really hurting me everytime i throw , its hurting around my inner elbow area to be specific , idk whether to keep playing to get it stronger or too stop throwing and leave it alone for a bit …. someone helppp mmmeeeee :'(

  5. okay…I know that this is silly but the fact that he's wearing running shoes on the field irritates me haha

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