Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Gyroball

The question is asked, how to throw a gyroball?
The gyroball was invented basically in Japan by the Japanese pitchers and brought to America
in the major leagues. And basically it’s a combination of using your body at the same
time that you use the throwing motion. The ball is basically gripped in a fastball manner,
but as you start your throwing motion, the hips and the lower half of your body along
with the core section of your body rotates simultaneously with your arm, creating a gyro
motion. And then the ball is thrown and released much that way. Now the hand needs to be held
back with the wrist in a cocked position during the throwing of this ball, and then it is
snapped down as the body rotates through. Also the head needs to drop significantly
at just at – just slightly after the point of release. But you’re using your body and
perfecting the turning of the hips, the core section, and the arm simultaneously as you’ve
got your wrist in a cocked motion, it’s very difficult. And I would not recommend this
for any players fourteen or under to even try this pitch, because it can be very harmful
to your arm, trying to learn this pitch. But if you’re older, you want to pick it up, that’s
some heads on how to throw a gyroball and basically that’s how the Japanese brought
to the American game the gyro pitch.

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  1. Im 12 years old and can throw 76 mph fast balls 67 mph curveballs and 50 mph sinkers i've been playing since i was 4 years old i play pitcher and third base 0.369 batting avg. and .123 whip with my throws

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  3. hahaha thats not true at all. it has nothing to do with your body! its spinning the ball with a football spin. not moving the body. its arm angle and spin. lol youtube view whores strike

  4. That's not how a gyroball works. It's the arm motion. Instead of following through normally, your arm is supposed to go straight down or even a little out. I came up with something similar back in little league. Never used it outside of practice, since I just thought it was stupid fun, and it really is hell on your arm.

  5. I was pitching in a scrimmage and the ball started dropping right under the bat. Im 13 and even though I was accidentally throwing it killed my arm and I was out for 2 months

  6. I'm a11 year old and I could throw a change up a 2 seam a fastball 12-6 curve a slurve a slider a forkball a splitter and a cutter

  7. Why is everybody saying they're 12
    and can throw a gyro? It's not cool, keep throwing it and you will hurt your arm.

  8. Why does everyone say how fast they throw no one gives a shit!!!! I'm 5 and I throw 1,000,000 MPH AND HR AND IM ONLY 5"2

  9. im 13 and when i watch a anime name major dreams i tried it for years i started pitching it at 11 andnow i kinda use it but times i hurt my shoulder by only rotating it so fast

  10. I'm an 18 year old pitching prospect. Here are my pictures speeds.
    Fastball: 37mph
    Curve ball: 41mph
    Knuckleball: 26mph
    Slider: 53mph

  11. I can throw this and I was a pitch hitter but the other pitcher threw the gyro ball even I was fooled

  12. I learned this from my Dad's friend when i was 9yrs old,Im so Glad that many Coaches liked my Pitches They Loved my Gyroball
    Im now in the PHILIPPINES National Team!
    I subbed to you because i want to Learn More about Baseball.

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