Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Slurve

The question is asked how to throw a slurve.
The slurve is a hybrid pitch. It’s a combination of a curve ball and a combination of a slider.
It’s usually thrown hard like a slider, but has much the same action as a curve ball.
The slurve is not always the most highly recommend pitch because it incorporates two different
pitches into one pitch, and sometimes it may not be as effective as if you actually became
a master at one of the other. But if you’re going to throw a slurve ball basically, you
throw it by gripping with the seams, with very light pressure on your pointer finger,
and more pressure on your longest finger. Basically when you come forward to release
the ball your fingers are going to be outside the ball and then right after release, or
right at release, you’re going to have the back of your hand towards home plate, and
then you would follow through in a matter outside your knee. Make sure that you throw
the ball hard like a slider, and use basically the same action as you throw when you throw
the curve ball. It’s a hybrid pitch, a combination of both the slider and the curve ball, and
is referred to in many circles as the slurve.

40 thoughts on “Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Throw a Slurve

  1. lol yeah cause your like what 14 and playing in little league yeah go to varsity highschool kids could slam that ball

  2. this is my strick out pitch mine sits at ur face and right over the plate then it drops at your knees. lol every time sometime i confuse my own cather i call it a slow roller

  3. I use the slurve just because i cant get my wrist around on a curve and i dont like to thow my slider that fast. But its really effective, its a good pitch.

  4. its a bad angle and i wish they would slow mo his actual release but its handy to see someone do it than just reading about it

  5. his pitches have no movement whatsoever. i have a pretty nasty slurve when im throwing well. i buckle so many kids

  6. all the pitches are the same and they all just look like an old guys pitch who cant reach the plate dont watch this crap

  7. When I throw a slurve I grip it in a similar way, but I hold it like a 2Seam or 3Seam fastball with the pressure off the index finger. I get a heck of a lot more movement than on this guy, and it usually looks more like a hybrid between a changeup and a curve. If you throw it right it should look like a slow curve coming towards the batter, then drop out of the zone right before the plate while the batter is mid swing. I would usually use it as my "strikeout" pitch.

  8. You can hold any pitch in multiple ways like im a submarine pitcher and I throw my 2-seam seamless and my changeup with one seam and both are very effective

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