Baseball Training | How To Stretch Your Throwing Arm

Speaker 1: Next thing as a baseball player,
you always want to make sure you stretch out your upper body, your shoulder, different
things like that because when we throw, we’re going to get tensed and we got to make sure
we stretched. So before you start practice or before you move into your speed and agility
things, it’s always nice, the more you can stretch your arm the better you’re going to
be. So the first move is you’re going to get with your partner here. You’re going to take
your arms behind their back, his hands are facing each other, you’re going to get underneath
his wrists and you’re going to go up with it. So you’re going to get right here, he’s
going to feel that in the front side of his shoulders, a little bit in his chest and down
his biceps if he’s tight. Good, hold that for about 15-20 seconds, let him shake it
down and we’re going to take it up there again. As you start lifting and you get into more
advanced levels of baseball you’re going to start working your biceps, you’re going to
start lifting with your chest. A lot of the time you’re going to get tight through this
area, so this stretch is very important. If you can only get here and you’re bound you
really got to start stretching. You can hurt your arm when you throw. Good.
Now you want to take your throwing arm side. We’re going to work on external and internal
rotation. So it’s important here when I stretch him he’s in line with the shoulder. He’s not
here and I don’t have him high. I have him right in line with the shoulder. I’m going
to support his elbow here and we’re going to roll on back. Take it right to the tension
and don’t take it any farther. We don’t want to hurt anybody, just get it right where the
tension’s at, take him forward, let him relax a little, take him back into it. We’re going
to go two on each of these. So this time he’s already farther than he was the time before.
That’s what we need to work on. Good. Now we’re going to go internal rotation. Now the
big thing here is a lot of guys will let their shoulder blade roll forward and they look
like they’re very flexible because they’ll roll all the way around. What we want to do
is maintain a big chest as we stretch, so we’re actually stretching the shoulder here.
Relax here, rotate in, now let your shoulder roll forward. See how we can really roll forward
around here because his shoulder is now rolled up and we’re not actually stretching here,
his shoulder blades come up. so if he sinks down, keeps the big chest, relax his shoulder,
now we’re right here in the stretch. Get about 15-20 second hold, have him come on out, let
him move his arm around a little bit and we’ll get another one. Good.

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  1. I commented on another of your vids but this one is perfect for my situation. at 1: 20, this one kills me. especially when I throw. it feels like I've been shot right at the moment of initial torque. is there anything I can do to rehab or strengthen or Whatever? anything would be appreciated. I'm to the point where I'm in so much pain on some throws where I could almost cry.

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