Baseball trick play by catcher – Simply Awesome.

The first time I saw this play we are watching
I was really impressed with the ability of these youth players to pull this off so successfully.
In one sense this is really a simple plan to throw the runner out at second. However,
the amount of time for the play to develop and the patience needed by each player it
is quite remarkable that they were able to make it work. The idea is to lull the runner on second into
complacency. To get that runner used to a rhythm and routine so that he can be caught
off guard. In order to make this happen, the catcher, pitcher, and shortstop need to be
in on the fairly long process. Unfortunately we don’t get to see the short stop in the
video, but presumably, the shortstop is doing the same exact thing on every pitch. He doesn’t
suddenly act different on the final play that catches the runner. After each pitch, every
single time, the shortstop is running over to second to cover a pick off throw. But he
isn’t really acting like he’s expecting a throw. He’s just going through the motions
– as it were – leaving the runner to believe that this is simply what always happens. Nothing
here to be concerned about. The pitcher needs to be ready to catch each
throw back from the catcher which comes back quickly and hard and the same every pitch.
Even when they get the strike out, the throw back to the pitcher is the same every single
time. The catcher is the key and this catcher is
one of the best at this age level I’ve seen. He’s skills are really good. He needs to
pop up and throw quickly and hard to the pitcher after every pitch. This constant throw is
key. The runner on second sees this throw about ten times before he’s caught. Ten
times to see the same thing by the catcher, pitcher, and shortstop. Then, all of the sudden,
the pitcher doesn’t catch the ball. It rather comes all the way to the shortstop and by
the time the runner realizes this throw was different, it’s too late. It’s brilliant. It’s obviously planned
out this way and while the premise is simple, but the time it takes to develop is quite
impressive. Maybe the coach gave a final go ahead sign off camera? Or maybe the catcher
simply decided on his own that this was the time? Either way, it caught that runner. Is this a play that can be used by other teams?
Obviously yes, but my guess is that the excitement and anticipation by the defense would be too
much and either act too soon, or be too obvious in their movements. We will be posting many more videos. Subscribe
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100 thoughts on “Baseball trick play by catcher – Simply Awesome.

  1. I crack me up on my own comments. I never coach Major League. Having a few beers. Oh yeah and I never coached T-Bone I coach t-ball. Y'all be good be safe

  2. Trick play? You're an idiot!
    The runner stepped off second after the ball was already in the catcher's mitt. He screwed up all by himself. There was no trick except you trying you trying to trick us into believing there was.

  3. Def not liking, sharing, or subscribing. You're like sheldon cooper trying to explain baseball. 3 minutes for 10 seconds of actual footage.

  4. Way too much credit. It is not planned out this way. It is a smart play by the defense and every team and player can do this. The runner fell asleep. Got picked off. End of story. The catcher most likely throws ball back to pitcher quickly due to the shorter bases. Runners with intelligent speed in amateur baseball can challenge a lazy catcher and a lazy throw back to the mound. Challenge it in such a way of stealing 3rd on the throw back. I guaranteed that has happened to this coaching staff. Happens in little league all the time.

  5. lmfao… this is simply a catcher throwing to second to pick off a runner. There is literally nothing special about this.

  6. I was a catcher through various levels of competition. EVERY catcher who has ever played the game has tried his.

  7. As others have said, not a trick play at all. Catchers do that all the time. I seriously doubt it was called by the coach, the catcher probably has the green light to throw down to second on any pitch

  8. In Little league our center fielder would cover second without the second baseman or shortstop moving. Worked well.

  9. hahaha ! that's the way you should practice & always play period ! we played hard in the 70's 80's 90's
     today's games it got a little conservative …ZzZZZZZ zz !
    kids want too play like pros without the work. they talk way too much shit and act way too much big headed. For us back in the days it was played in the street then played in leagues and back in the streets fun wild hard with balls of steel between our legs ! we climb roofs trees walls jump off ramps and walk or rode our bikes with out our parents .. hats off too those kids that play with heart and love and could smack ball with any kind of bats and cleats .. high five !

  10. As a catcher, I can say catching 13 innings in a row, getting two tattoos of baseball stitches, and having hot and sweaty gear in 87 degree weather, I say 10/10 would recommend. (Seriously)

  11. Guy on second gets lulled by 10 throws from catcher to pitcher? The most pitches that can be thrown to any one batter that the catcher has to throw back before the batter is out or walked is 5 (or full count not counting foul ball as then the ump gives the catcher the ball to throw back. So what? You need to be on the third batter? Better rethink that lull strategy. Base runner just got caught unaware.

  12. Ok, 1st thing. Dude..get a cup of coffee. With that said..thank you. This was produced extremely well and the real time narration was on point. My hat is off to that catcher & his training coach. Somebody showed him how to get into his opponents head…Nicely done..

  13. Something I never see anymore, you got a runner on first and third, everyone let's the runner advance to 2nd un challenged, we used to have the SS run toward the pitcher and it would look like the throw was going to 2nd base to the kid on 3rd so he takes off "what a dummy" right throwing to 2nd.. but the throw goes to the SS and the SS quickly throws to home and the runner is out. We used to do this all the time and I dont see it done anymore

  14. The catcher did not do the same thing on every pitch. On the pitch he threw to 2nd base he signaled by grabbing his chest protector.

  15. We use to throw it to the short stop when someone was stealing second with another play on 3rd. I did a similar thing in all-stars when I had to play center field.

  16. Literally the oldest little league pick off move ever. That’s 3 minutes and 8 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  17. We did this when i was a catcher in youth baseball as well, i was so use to it that i threw out a guy stealing second from my knees lol

  18. Ohhh wow what a great trick play throwing past the pitcher to second he should get a Nobel Piece prize for valor bahahahahahahahah

  19. A trick that would have fooled nobody on my Little League team in 68' These kids are at the level of our least talented players. True story.

  20. Great to see these boys getting great satisfction out of executing their plans as a team. Really great life lessons.

  21. You missed a key ingredient in the play. The pitcher is moving to his right a little bit on purpose so the runner can't see what the catcher is doing quite as good. Like a screen in hockey. That's the brilliant part. Well done.

  22. This is nothing special about this play, yes this team and catcher does a good job, at this level ,at even little league they should have been looking for that throw down. You know it's coming. It's too routine leading up. I have Been along time youth coach at a high level of travel and youth for long time. Nice execution though no doubt.

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