Baseball Trivia That Will Absolutely Stump You!

Hey guys, how many of you think you know your baseball trivia? Well, with the Fall Classic right around the corner, now is
the perfect time to test your baseball knowledge with my brand new World Series quiz. But I’ll warn you ahead of time, it ain’t easy. So stick around, let’s see how
well you do. Well if I’m honest, baseball is one subject I know very well, especially the trivia stuff. And so I put together ten challenging questions
involving pretty commonly known World Series moments that most baseball fans
should be able to get the right answer to. But if you’re a real buff, you’ll
test yourself with the “For Experts Only” follow-up question to each one of them,
for a total of twenty questions. You ready to get started? Let’s get going!
Question #1 – In Game Seven of the 1991 World Series Jack Morris pitched
ten innings to win 1-0 as the Twins beat the Braves. Who was the
opposing pitcher? Was it a) Greg Maddux, b) John Smoltz, c)Tom Glavine, or d) Charlie
Leibrandt? And the correct answer is b) John Smoltz! John Smoltz pitched seven and a third scoreless innings before being lifted for relief pitcher Mike
Stanton in the eighth. And now for you experts only . . . Who was it that got the
game-winning hit of that game? And your answer . . .It was Gene Larkin! Question #2 – Who is the only manager to ever get
thrown out of two different World Series games? Was it a) Billy Martin, b) Bobby Cox, c) Whitey Herzog, or d) Earl Weaver? And the correct answer is . . . b) Bobby Cox. Cox had his first ousting in 1992 in a game
against the Blue Jays for arguing a call on a batter’s check swing. His record
setter was in 1996 against the Yankees for arguing a call on a stolen base.
And now for you experts only . . . Here’s the follow-up question. How many times was
Bobby Cox ejected from a game in his managerial career? He was #1 – 158 times! And #3 – I think you’ll get this one. What pitcher did Kirk Gibson hit his famous Game 1 World Series home run
off of when the Dodgers played the Oakland A’s in 1988? Was it a) Rick
Honeycutt, b) Dennis Eckersley, c) Dave Stewar,t or d) Bob Welch? And the correct
answer is . . . Even though he’s a Hall-of-Famer, it was b) Dennis Eckersley
who surrendered that infamous homerun to Gibson, setting the stage for a Dodgers
World Championship. And now for you experts only . . . What batter walked to get on base ahead of Gibson? . . . It was Mike Davis! #4 – We all know that in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Boston Red Sox first
baseman Bill Buckner led a ground ball go through his legs allowing the Mets to
win the game. Who hit it to him? Was it a) Wally Backman, b) Lenny Dykstra, c) Mookie Wilson, or d) Darryl Strawberry? Well this one should be a gimme, as I think most baseball fans know that it was c) Mookie Wilson. And now for you experts only . . . Who was it that scored the winning run? . . . It was Ray Knight. #5 – In Game six of the 1975 World Series Carlton
Fisk hit his famous 12 inning home run to win the game. But who hit the three
run homer in the eighth to tie the game? Was it a) Dwight Evans, b) Rico Petrocelli, c) Carl Yastrzemski, or d) Bernie Carbo? With the Boston Red Sox on the brink of
elimination, down 3 to 2 in the series, they trailed 6 to 3 in the bottom of the
8th before d) Bernie Carbo came up to pinch-hit and sent one over the wall to
tie the game. And now for you experts only . . . When Carlton Fisk hit that extra
inning famous home run and waved his arms, willing the ball to stay fair, how many times did he wave his arms? Do you remember? It was three. Great job. #6 – Who was the Yankee pitcher that Pirates second baseman Bill Mazeroski hit his
famous World Series ending walk-off home run against in 1960? Was it a) Ralph
Branca, b) Ralph Terry, c) Bob Turley, or d) Al Downing? The answer is b) Ralph Terry. Even though Ralph Terry won the MVP of the 1962 World Series,
he’s much more well known for that one pitch he threw to Bill Mazeroski in the
1960 World Series. And now for you experts only . . . Who was playing left field
for the Yankees in that game and watched the ball sail over the fence? Believe it
or not, it was Yogi Berra. #7 – What year did Don Larsen throw the only
perfect game in World Series history? Was it a) 1947, b) 1950, c) 1956, or d) 1961? And the answer is . . . c) 1956. With the series tied at two games apiece, Larsen started
Game five for the Yankees and retired all 27 Dodgers he faced to complete the
perfect game. And now for you experts only . . . How many pitches did Don Larson throw during that entire game? The answer is . . .97. #8 – in the 1932 World Series Babe Ruth hit his famous “called shot.”
Which team did he hit it against? Was it a) the St. Louis Cardinals, b) the Chicago
Cubs, c) the Pittsburgh Pirates, or d) the Cincinnati Reds? And the answer is . . . b) the Chicago Cubs. Ruth’s called shot came in the fifth inning at Wrigley Field on
October 1st 1932. Incidentally, it also happened to be his 15th and final career
postseason home run. And now for you experts only . . . What pitcher did he hit it off of? I know some of you know this. It was Cub pitcher, Charlie Root. #9 – What player ended the 1926 World Series by getting thrown
out trying to steal second base? Was it a) Joe Dugan, b) Fred Merkle, c) Lou Gehrig, or d) Babe Ruth? The answer is . . . d) Babe Ruth. With the St. Louis Cardinals leading 3 to 2 in the bottom of the ninth, Ruth took off for second only to
get thrown out and in the threat, the game, and the series, securing the first of
many World Series titles to come for the St. Louis Cardinals. And now for you
experts only . . . Who was batting when Babe Ruth got thrown out? . . . It was slugger
Bob Meusel And now #10 – Who holds the record for the only unassisted
triple play in World Series history? Was it a) Elmer Smith, b) Bill Wambsganss c) Jim Bagby or d) Tris Speaker? And the answer is . . . b) Bill Wambsganss. In Game five of the 1920 World Series, Bill Wambsganss caught a fifth inning line drive from Clarence Mitchell, stepped on 2nd to retire Pete Kildup, and tagged Otto
Miller coming from first base to complete the first, and to date, only
unassisted triple play in World Series history. And incidentally, Bill Wambsganss actually went to Concordia College, right here in Fort Wayne. So we got that going
for us. And now for you experts only . . . this is a hard one. Name another “first” that
happen during that game. Well there was two of them. The first is that Elmer
Smith hit the first Grand Slam in World Series history. And the second is that
pitcher Jim Bagby became the first pitcher to ever hit a home run in a
World Series game. So there you have it. How’d you do? Leave a comment below let me know how many you got right. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. And now it’s time to pick
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