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So now we’re going to base running. When you hit it every time you hit it your life is on the line running because so many
kids today don’t run hard okay yes in the major leagues because 99.9% come and they hit a ground ball they’re out and they’re there and I know all the stuff
that went on with Machado in the world series and everything it’s different for
them, y’all’s age y’all haven’t proven anything you’re trying to prove why you
belong to be on your high school team so when you guys are running, it’s a hundred
miles an hour and when you hit that ball no matter what, if you know you know when you hit the ball into the outfield so As soon as you know that it’s an automatic double. They have to stop you to a single. It’s never oh I’m running 38 you know
75% and then I’m like oh I’m not gonna double all this, no it’s always a double
and then they prevent you from getting that they push you back to a single.
That’s how you can get a double and you talk about getting really noticed, is if
you’re going 100 miles an hour and you turn a routine ground ball past the
shortstop in between left and center where they’re both kind of verging on it
and it’s a routine single and you turn that into a double because they’re kind
of like don’t know who’s gonna get it and they flip it in, dude nothing gets a
coach more fired up, nothing gets a team fired up you know then that. and so that’s
an awesome attribute so you go a hundred miles an hour it’s always a double, okay.
Just like if you hit one in the gap that’s a triple until they stop you to a double, okay and that’s basically of everything, no matter how routine you
think it’s a routine fly ball they might be timing you guys down the line, so go
100 miles an hour. It’s not like you’re gonna run down to first base 50 times
that day, gonna be three to six times so yes we’re giving everything you got

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