Baseball vs Cricket | Which players can switch to the other sport? Part 1 – Batting

Hello everyone. In this video will try to
find out who will be able to switch to the other sport. Baseball batter or cricket
batsman? first of all let us look at this skill
sets required for cricket batsman and that for a baseball batter both of them need a good hand-eye
coordination and a good ability to judge the direction of the ball. But does that
mean the players can switch to the other sport? Let’s find out. What baseballers should find easy cricket?
They will get a bigger bat with a bigger sweet spot. So they could give
some lusty blows with their powerful arms And what baseballers would find tough in
Cricket? Unlike Baseball, cricket bowlers can can throw the ball in a wide
region that too after bouncing the ball this means that a baseball batter has to
watch the ball till very late this makes him slow for hitting a cricket ball and
there is every chance of getting out. And also they will not be able to adjust
their bat swing if the ball is bowled at their head Will baseballers be able to play cricket?
baseballers throughout their life have played just a single cricket shot that
is some kind of pull shot in cricket. baseballers have always played only for balls bowled in his strike zone. obviously he is not ready if the ball is bowled in a different zone. cricket bowlers are smart enough to deploy
a plan for such a batsman. They may intimidate him by bowling at his head
first and then at the toes and then at the chest. he will not be able to keep his
bat ready to face every type of a ball. cricket batsman is expected to face
seventy-plus balls on a consistent basis and I honestly don’t think any baseball
player would be able to do that The only way that a baseballer could
have even the slightest chance is the t20 version but even that would be near
impossible if the bowlers identify a weakness Sure they can hit
a few huge sixes .but can never become proper cricket batsman. What cricketers would find easy in baseball? If cricketers try baseball they already
know the zone in which the pitchers are going to pitch the ball. So they can
keep themselves ready to play a shot and they can have a faster bat swing What would cricketers find tough in baseball? some of the great cricket batsman don’t
have enough power in their muscles so they will not be able to hit the ball with
that power and they are also not tuned for base running in baseball which is an
art in itself so will cricketers be able to play baseball?
I don’t think good cricket batsman will be able to transform their greatness to
baseball. Cricketing geniuses are not tuned for baseball power hitting. Unlike cricket, baseball needs a different type of hitting. however there are some power hitters in cricket who
can swing the bat so hard and also connect the ball. I honestly believe they can become a
good baseball hitters. for example a batsman gayle or Dhoni can already hit the ball powerfully if pitched in their strike zone. Withsome practice they
should be able to adjust to the horizontal swing and they can also be a
decent hitter. I am finishing off with the note that neither baseball batters nor cricket batsmen can switch to the other sport but since baseballers are not tuned to play any other shot other than the usual bat swing they have no
chance to adjust to cricket. wheras all cricketers have the ability to play balls pitched in the strike zone and if the cricket batsman has the combination of
power to hit the balls, I think cricket batsmen have an advantage the conclusion is only for the hitting ability and does not
mean that cricketers can be good at baseball or they can make into the major
leagues thank you everyone for watching the video

6 thoughts on “Baseball vs Cricket | Which players can switch to the other sport? Part 1 – Batting

  1. 1: In baseball, lots of pitches are designed to break late, usually by throwing it harder, though the knuckleball is thrown slowly and is almost unpredictible in flight. Also, throwing at the head will get you thrown out of the game, fined and suspended. Remember: these balls are not thrown at the ground, and baseball batters don't wear the kind of armor that batsmen wear. A 100 mph pitch thrown at someones head could kill someone. In fact, it has.

    2: Baseball batter do not have one swing. Ever seen a bunt? Ever seen a batter "protecting the strike zone"? They shorten their swing to make sure that they at least make contact, usually sacrificing power for speed. Keep in mind that the strike zone is far larger than the area of the wicket, too. And yes, a baseball batter could hit as many pitches as you want them too. That's all they do. They hit about a hundred before every game. It's called batting practice. They also do it on off days. Just hit balls for hours. Then lift weights, then hit more balls. Could they become "proper cricket batsmen"? No. They would probably change the very meaning.

    3: No. You do realize that any pitch that the batter swings at is a strike. If he swings at a pitch outside of the strike zone, it's still a strike. Combine that with pitches like curveballs, changeups, sliders, cutters, 2 seamers, screwballs, knuckleballs, ect. and you have a lot of ways to fool a batter. Not to mention that pitchers don't often intentionally throw into the ground which makes the pitch far more precise and effective.

    4: Baseball isn't about hitting the ball far. It's about getting on base. In fact, being light and quick on your feet is an asset. Stolen bases. Turning a single into a double. Playing defense. Pinch running. Bunts. The list goes on.

    5: "Swinging the bat really hard" will not help you in baseball. Having good hand eye coordination and making good contact will make you a good baseball player. Batting is judged by how often you get a hit, not how far you hit a ball. Swinging really hard just gets you out, and usually cut from the team.

  2. I just saw a video of a guy who played professional baseball in the minors in the USA, who set all sorts of records in his first time up to bat in a professional cricket match in Australia. He isn't even in the big leagues in the USA and he dominated the pitch against cricket players, who have been playing the sport their whole lives. I attached a video of cricket players being embarrssed by the superior batting skill of a baseball player down below. Now in baseball the bat is much smaller, with a far smaller sweet spot and the pitchers all throw the ball between 85-100 miles per hour. A cricket player would be lucky to even touch the ball against a professional major league pitcher or even a good high school pitcher for that matter.The idiot making these claims about cricket players has obviously never played baseball certainly not competitively at any level and so has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. I've played both sports. I know for fact baseball is harder to excel in. The only impressive thing about cricket players are the bare handed catching of balls. However, in baseball the gloves are used because it's a very hard ball they are using. With practice a pro baseball player would become a respectable fielder in cricket because they have the same type of hand eye coordination needed to field the ball well as cricket players do. In terms of a cricket player learning to catch with a glove, the exact opposite would be true. It takes years of practice to learn to catch proficiently with a glove. You don't just pick up a glove and learn it overnight. It takes years to master. Now for the coups de gras. There are former American baseball players currently playing cricket professionally in several different countries. There are no cricket players playing baseball in the pros in the USA. That's right …zero. I'll bet the guy who did this vid, doesn't even know the rules of baseball let alone the skill level required to play it well.

  3. Please do watch my video trying to give a detailed comparison of baseball and cricket

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