Baseball vs York College 5 7 17

[Background music] Doug Kimbler: We pitch at times, we hit at times. We play some really good defense at times and Doug: the pitchers did a good job of making a lot of adjustments and you know we started Doug: the program three years ago and we really wanted to try to get a little bit better Doug: at every position each year and we’ve done that. You know with the team getting Doug: the regional ranking that we had with teams overall record with our play with Doug: all the adjustments that we made
throughout the year this is a very very Doug: successful season and it just looks like we’re going to build up to the future Doug: We’re hoping that those are all positives on you know bringing everybody back in the Doug: same philosophy and and all that it can only help us get to our goals. Matthew Millus: Successful season I mean 23 and 13 at the great record we worked really hard. Matthew: Really proud of all the guys freshmen we only had like three seniors so it wasn’t Matthew: a top-heavy team as far as age wise but the young guys worked hard we all got Matthew: better throughout the season finishing six and one was huge and I think we have Matthew: a lot of like great things to look
forward to. Ryan McLaughlin: We’re looking forward from last year. Brought in a lot of new freshmen this whole year everyone Ryan: stepped up and contributed a part
if I had to do questions to really get a Ryan: huge that step up from last year. Cameron Serapilo-Frank: We’re building a winning attitude I think that we have changed culture of the team from Cameron: someone mediocre and finding it’s a winning season to seeing ourselves as Cameron: winners. In all things look we’re going to match a 23 win season after year or third year Cameron: I think we’re just going to build off this tradition and build off what we know we’re capable of.

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