Baseball Weekly Update (02.25.2020)

baseball weekly update from go-jacks
comm joined by the head coach Rob Bishop who is looking tanned after a trip out
last this past week but three wild games out at Pacific three one-run games all
nail-biters and unfortunately for the jacks they come up with a couple of
walk-off to take two out of three what were your overall thoughts on the
weekend well I thought overall I really thought we competed well defensively and
offensively we played really pretty clean on defense pretty much agree had
one maybe one ball that we missed played a little bit in three games pretty good
offensively both teams were a little slow starting on Friday which you expect
you know a little bit on Friday night you know both the both the starters did
a really good job both bullpens were really good on Friday so tight game and
we came out with a big win just to kind of you know boost our confidence a
little bit and then the next two days I actually thought we were really good
offensively on Saturday and Sunday we just didn’t we didn’t finish games on
the mound very well so you know our we had spurts where we pitched very well
brady Stover was definitely a a bright spot Brett Mogan was a bright spot Adam
Mazur threw the ball really well again Eli Sundquist you know true freshman
came out threw the ball pretty well so we saw some good things from that
perspective but then we we had a few outings that you know we just weren’t
very good and we gave up some big innings and that really end up costing
us you mentioned Moga I’d like to highlight
him three appearances so far on the year nine and two thirds innings a sub one er
a made a big jump last year that certainly has continued through the
first two weeks of 2020 yeah Brett Brett is just he’s pitching with a lot of
confidence right now and he pitches to the strike zone to try to get the buck
to baseball in play and he’s really aggressive has a great mentality
he’s definitely you know he’s always been pretty mature on the baseball
but he’s a guy that’s really matured in the last two years just with how he
carries himself how he prepares kind of his expectations of themselves so the
best compliment I could give him is when he’s not at his best he’s still really
good you know he’s very consistent he’s that’s the kind of mentality that you
want throughout your pitching staff mentioned how well your offense
performed when I give two or three guys acknowledgments and start with Braden
Brown six for 15 on the weekend from him yeah Braden was really good and the
irony is he probably had four or five balls that he hit right just squared up
that we’re caught so if you would have told me with the weekend he had at the
plate that he’d have ten hits I would have believed it he really really swung
a hot bat all weekend had just had a good approach even the weekend before if
the numbers didn’t necessarily show up but he was on the barrel a lot I thought
Luke IRA was the same I thought the last two days drew Beasley was on the barrel
some of the guys you know that again in baseball it’s not always fair you know
you you get really good swings at the pitches that you want hit the ball hard
and sometimes the numbers show up and sometimes they don’t but we’re just you
know really trying to be consistent having quality at-bats and I thought I
thought the guys did a good job IRA had five hits three of them doubles and
Landon badger four hits a homer he had three walks as well another guy in that
mix yeah LAN and the last two days was especially solid but even in the first
weekend even though he didn’t have hits to show for his efforts he’s on base a
lot gives you great at-bats obviously plays great defense so we found out a
little bit about our lineup I think and kind of our settling into at least what
those first six spots are going to look like and that will that will help us
down the road just to have some consistency first two weeks played three
games on a weekend now it’s a little different story have a midweek game and
then four on the weekend so five coming up here in the next few days let’s
tackle them one at a time with the sights we’ll begin with trip to
Minnesota always neat to play a Big Ten foe in an NFL stadium like you get to
here in Minneapolis yeah the guys this is one of
highlights I mean they always enjoy going to play inside at u.s. bank it’s
just such a different experience we have a lot of Minnesota natives on the roster
and a lot of guys from the region so you know families will will get to go and
it’s a kind of a fun event obviously they’re a really good team so it’s a
it’s a a good experience for everyone went out when we look at you know how
we’re gonna treat midweek games this time of the year you know you’re gonna
see some different guys out there we’re already at the point where you know if
guys are playing three games a weekend you start to get some bumps and bruises
so gives us a chance to to rest some guys and and and get some freshmen or
some young guys or guys that haven’t been playing as much kind of out on the
field and you know just kind of accomplish our goal going into the
preseason of knowing who we are and you have four back in Texas this time utrgv
the opposition so a four-game series down there against another good opponent
yeah they’re there they’re a up-and-coming program for sure they were
out or near the top of the wax year looks like it’s gonna be 80 degrees so
we’ll probably have to bring our sunscreen again for games is always
difficult on a short stretch when you look at pitching staff but you know the
upside again is you should get to see our entire roster and so really that the
the whole first 16 17 games that we scheduled out that that is one of our
main objectives is just to make sure that every of the position guys that
we’re getting all those guys out there so we really know what we have whether
they’re a guy coming off the bench or a matchup guy or whether they’re gonna end
up being a starter so playing that doubleheader day gives us an opportunity
to see some different lineups and so we just have to do a good job as a coaching
staff kind of managing you know managing obviously the pitching staff but but
even the position guys just from a health standpoint and fatigue standpoint
so I’ll be one of our biggest challenges with five games this week

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